In this walk we’re on, there will be people who will come across your path, determined by a much greater design than you could imagine, whose purpose is to accomplish two things:  (1) to test you and, (2) to assist them in getting the victory.

Interestingly enough, I have one of these.  In the early stages, to me, he was frustrating but this was caused more so by my impatience.  Actually, he became my “cross”, but it wasn’t until God did a work in my heart was when I realized, it is because of this experience, I may be the cause of him getting his crown!  He thinks he’s testing me, and he is, but not in Scripture, but in the “fruits of the Spirit” which I admit I’m lacking, so I benefit, too.  Although he will not or cannot agree with me, at this time, he’s hearing and the Spirit is impressing and when the time is right, he’ll be forced to make a decision which has been better informed and because of him being my cross in order for him to gain his crown.

Jesus bore with each and every one of us and continues to bear with us, but He has and continues to do it willingly.  When I wish to “diss” this brother, I’m reminded how Christ hasn’t “dissed” me and certainly has the right, but He keeps on bearing me because, through Him, I have a better opportunity of getting this, no, MY crown.  No wonder when I read the text of Scripture which states when we see Him we cast our crowns at His feet.  It’s because it was “through” Him we were able to obtain one to begin with.  He owns them.  They’re ours because of His efforts and certainly He is deserving  of whatever we could possibly return, to do so.

So, when you think you’re at your wit’s end with that particular brother or sister, remember the word may begin with the same letter “c” and ends with same letter “s” but it’s what happens in the midst which determines the outcome.


November 10, 2014


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