While during my time, “out there”, the phrase I use for my “crack-addicted” days, I came across a young woman named Carmen.  Carmen was my intermediary between the dealer and me.  She always came away with the good stuff and I was beneficiary of her skills.  As in life, “all good things must come to an end”, when she had broke the relationship with the dealer, she, too, became desperate in order to get our “daily crack”.  There was a guy who was interested in Carmen and to demonstrate his “love”, he allowed her to borrow his car.  I was with her.  We headed back to the section of town where drugs could be had, for a price.  The price was his car.  When I challenged her about it, and these were the days before my morals were finally “out to lunch”, she responded, “He knew what I was before he gave me this car.  Too bad for him!”

I pretty much did the same thing to my own brother. By then, my morals were “out to lunch”. He invited me to stay with him and when in the middle of the night he informed me I had to leave, and to be gone before he got off shift.  He was a detective.  I guess he learned I was a fugitive from another state and he could not be complicit in my illegal lifestyle, he made one mistake:  “He didn’t put me out and change the locks and security code.”  I helped myself to his stash of money and had a party at his expense.  My reasoning was, like Carmen, “He knew what I was before he gave me entrance into his home.  Too bad for him!”

This is the same type of philosophy many of us Christians have regarding the Law of God, or better known as the “Ten Commandments”.  We want to believe whatever God has told us to do, well, we just won’t do it because we’re “sinners”.  Sinners break laws.  However, IF, and this is a big one, “IF” we can do away with the Law, we would no longer be “sinners” and like Carmen should she later meet up with this guy, and myself if my brother got into one of his I need to make an arrest modes, we hope to have this thing called, “Grace” to absolve us from all our problems with whatever law remains to condemn us.

That’s why I call it, “Crackhead Christianity”.

Since we can’t change the law, we’ll just go about our business as if the Law doesn’t apply to us and should the day come when we have to face it, we’ll hope to receive “grace” or reconsideration, mercy from the court, reconciliation with the prosecutor, the wrong party extending to us what we did not extend to them, something called, “love”.  You see, the ONLY WAY to accomplish keeping the Law of God is “love”.  Because God loves us so much, He’s willing to help us to measure up to that Law we broke by giving His son to pay the penalty for our sins, our transgression.  Without Him, we would forever remain condemned.

Just as I threw away my pipe for the last time, let’s throw away our misguided belief regarding God’s Law and really look at it.  I mean, really look at it closely and see if there is anything in it which is offensive to us.  We’ll find it is good, just and holy, and worthy of our acceptance and compliance and we’ll find peace and no longer need grace because, well, we’re righteous and it is possible to finally become such and we better before it is too late.


October 1, 2016