During my many years living as a crack-head, how often did I use to empty my pockets to find the smallest accumulation of crumbs in order to scrap enough together to get some sensation when I inhaled whatever vapor of the drug into my lungs.  I remember times, and it is often joked, how a crack-head will clean your carpets.  It’s true!  While in a room using the drug, not much care goes into using while there is plenty found on the top of a table.  However, when it is all gone, then the search goes on for what might’ve been dropped.  You have no idea of the many times I have been on my knees search for the crumbs which might have fallen.  Especially in seedy motel rooms.  My search paid off handsomely one early morning when I found what would amount to a twenty piece, laying on the floor between the back of a bed-leg near the wall.  Probably someone had hidden it, forgot or lost it.  My gain.  Anything resembling a molecule of crack gets smoked.  Breadcrumbs, salt or sugar, bits of nuts, even mothballs will find their way into a stem with the hope, even prayer, it will be enough to mingle with the leftover residue, also hoped for, in a stem (pipe) to give the feeling which is craved.

I used to make the humorous statement, if Christians would search the Bible like a crack-head searches for drugs, nobody could defeat them when it came to understanding.  If Christians would observe a crack-head making their sales-pitch in order to get money to make another purchase, there could be no one who would resist the witnessing effort.  Interestingly enough, I wear glasses today for reading, writing and even eating, but when on the pipe glasses are not necessary at all!  That which would be miss under a microscope stands out like Mt. Everest to a crack-addict, so why is it that those who are sober and supposedly in their right mind cannot perceive of the truth?  An addict will put potentially toxic ingredients into a pipe in hope for a high when a Christian can’t believe in a God who does exist and is more than willing to give you the answer to your prayer!

Sadly, crack-heads may be worth observing for their tenacity, faith and willingness to try when we’re sitting back wondering, doubting and stuck!  Perhaps a crack-head getting down on his knees should be the example for those of you too busy standing and condemning.


January 14, 2015


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