In 1992, I had an occasion to visit Tijuana, Mexico.  While there, my eye fell upon a vendor’s table plastered with Rolex watches.  Having been in the midst of my addiction to drugs, realizing I would never be able to own the coveted Rolex, I gave the vendor the fraction of a cost of a real one, and wore that thing proudly and would extend my arm out just a little further to hit sunbeams and watch the reflecting glare in other’s eyes, they often asking, “Wow, that’s a Rolex?”, to which I proudly acknowledged by the shake of my head in an affirmative manner.  It was not until I ran into a friend who knew the difference between a fake and real Rolex and pointed it out to me.  He was one I could not fool.  Later, that Rolex was used to fool a drug dealer which secured me a greater amount of drugs, so he, too, could impress those who are ignorant of the genuine.

Such explains many religious experiences today!  And you didn’t even have to cross the border to get hooked!  For the majority, it takes place every Sunday when stepping over the threshold of houses of worship, better known as “church”!

For many, they’ve inherited the counterfeit because of family tradition and customs.  A great many buy into the counterfeit because of happening to pass by, or accepting an invitation, and thought what was being sold they had to have, made them feel good, and it would appear to look good on them, or making them look good and acceptable to others, so they would wear it well.  Some will research the characteristics of their counterfeit faith and brush aside what they’ve found out because, well, nobody else seem to care and have expressed an interest to even know.  Until…until…until that one day someone confronts them who distinguishes between counterfeit and legitimate faith and tells them what they’re experiencing is not real, a counterfeit and this causes them to be shamed, especially those who know it already, and for those this revelation comes as being newsworthy, they dispense from wanting to know more truth about it because they’ve accepted what they have and determine, “Well, I’m not alone and if everyone else is, maybe mine will be, too.”

This never works.

There will come that day when all who have bought into the false, counterfeit religious belief will approach those teachers, preachers, so-called prophets, bishops and elders and ask them, “If you had known what you were sharing was fake, why did you do it?”  Of course, you have to look past the glare of the rings, cars, suits and houses in order to really be able to look into their eye and when you do, what you will see might surprise you.  They’re just as empty as yours!

I was able to at least sell my counterfeit watch for more than I bought it for drugs.  How much can you get for yours!

Stop buying the counterfeit and get into the truth!


September 26, 2015