This morning, I came across this quotation, “Christ never planted the seeds of death in the system. Satan planted these seeds when he tempted Adam to eat of the tree of knowledge which meant disobedience to God. Not one noxious plant was placed in the Lord’s great garden, but after Adam and Eve sinned, poisonous herbs sprang up. In the parable of the sower the question was asked the master, “Didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?” The master answered, “An enemy hath done this” (Matthew 13:27, 28). All tares are sown by the evil one. Every noxious herb is of his sowing, and by his ingenious methods of amalgamation he has corrupted the earth with tares.” – Selected Messages, Book 2, Chapter 29, “The Use of Remedies”.

Now, this is outside the scope of what I normally write in terms of bringing motivation and inspiration to others, but the fact remains, I do have a history of drug/substance abuse and this struck me as a possible answer to those who I hear in defense of marijuana, “it’s a herb”, “God created it”, and the laws of my country, the United States, are now being changed in support of the use of this particular drug, never mind, what I believe, will be the “gateway” for many other harmful drugs to be legalized.

Let me state this now, while I believe in the necessity of total abstinence from drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, I am also a proponent for their legalization.  I believe those who have a history of drug addiction will understand the position I take.  Many lives are truly destroyed by the flow of “illegal” drugs, but legalizing them will stop the effects it has on the general and most likely innocent public.  Let me explain using my own personal experience.  When I wanted my drug, crack cocaine, there were no limits in my going about to get it.  Ask my family.  How many of them who I was in contact with were the victims of my thieving and conniving ways?  No one, and I mean, not one of them were safe from my stealing from them.  My addiction made a breech upon any relationship I was privileged to have had established now destroyed for just one hit of crack.  I DID NOT CARE.  Some of these relationships have not been mended to this date, but IF I could have gone to a pharmacy or some registered distribution center where I could have obtain my drug, legally, and without fear of prosecution with perhaps counseling before acquiring, how many might receive help?  How many who are facing bottom experiences might have been given the hand needed to begin rehabilitation, or as I teach, restoration?  How many corners which contain drug dealers and pushers would be done away?  How about the tainted drugs would be done away?  If the addict wants to destroy themselves, so be it, but don’t take those loved one with you!  Strong words, but I deal in reality.

Now, let’s focus on the point of this message.

There are too many, even in the church, who have justified the use of marijuana having claimed it must have been created during those six days therefore there is justification for its usage.  The same could be opinioned about the coca plant or the poppy.  Do we put the responsibility on God for the addictions many of our loved ones suffer, or is there someone else who is responsible for introducing this poison into our lives?  While I believe all things God created were for our good, it becomes our usage of these good things which can produce evil results because of our ill usage.  Even food taken in the improper amount can be destructive, so never mind those things which the enemy has “amalgamated”, defined as: “a mixture of different elements”.  Could this not be the reason when God was instructing His people from the mount about the statutes against mixing seed in planting, the wearing of different fabrics together, and other harmful practices which satan had so skillfully woven into the lifestyle of the heathen.  No doubt, what is being celebrated today could also be described as an “amalgam” of the good with evil, people seeing the good but not cognizant of the evil intention behind it, justifying their good intention! We’re to be a witness to those who are not with us, but instead we “unequally yoke” ourselves to their lifestyle even continuing to lessen the line of demarcation between that which is sacred and the profane.

Friends, it is so difficult to “get back to Eden” when we’ve been living outside those protective gates for so long; however, we have no excuse to take those substances which are meant for our destruction.  I’ll relate what occurred to me the last time I used marijuana:

It was in 1998, I was living in New York, a fugitive from the State of Ohio, having found work at a medical supply distribution facility, living in a motel, barely because of my addiction to crack, when I found a bag of reefer (marijuana) outside my door.  Now, who do you think artfully saw to that and placed it where I would see it?  I never could roll a joint, but I had an empty crack pipe and figured surely it could be used, and it did work.  Let me state for the record, I’m deathly afraid of spiders.  When I had consumed this whole bag in one sitting, about a twenty-dollar bag, I began seeing spiders falling from the ceiling on webs.  They began crawling onto the bed where I was sitting.  I remember getting up under the covers covering my head, but then I was worried I couldn’t see how they were going to attack me.  So, I would uncover my head only to see them and expose it to their attack, so I would get back under the covers!  I don’t know how long I continued living in this way, but I can tell you this, it was no way to live.  I’ve not used it since and it’s because I’ve gotten some “sense” along the way, and thankfully, I’ve never been addicted to marijuana but there always was the possibility of it happening because of my addictive personality.  Regarding my addiction to crack, well, I wrote a whole book on the subject which is found on my website:, but I know for a fact, drugs is the enemy’s tool to see us destroyed.  There is nothing good about them and we should know this, believe this, and live a life free from their usage.

In closing, let me give you my interpretation of why they are ultimately the devil’s tool.  What is the only connection we have, to God, when we need His help or need to talk?  The answer is:  prayer.  If our minds are distorted and altered, how can we pray?  In our right mind, to pray for help and guidance?  Should our heart stop and we’re not able to pray for the forgiveness of what we’ve just done, well, you know the end result.  Is it worth it?


December 25, 2014


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