I read a brother’s post yesterday where he is instructing others God doesn’t speak with men today.  It was evident while reading his argument it is for sure God has not spoken to him!  His presentation was filled with error, a “wresting” of Scripture and simply plain ignorance which comes when, um, God doesn’t speak to you, or believe in such foolishness, because it is for certain God is still speaking with His sons and daughters, but it is those very sons and daughters who close their ears to the Holy Spirit who continues to speak to those who will listen.

I can pose the question in a general sense and get the testimony of those who will read this post:  Can you readily admit by sharing a word of how God spoke to you?  I will share how in once instance, God not only spoke to me but to someone, too, which began the catalyst of helping me to get out of my addiction to drugs.

July 4, 1993, when suffering due to my addiction, facing uncertainty, death by my own hand, I heard God’s voice speaking, pleading with me to “pray” to Him.  I heard that voice as I would hear your voice speaking to me.  In reaching for what could have been my “last hope”, I followed the instruction of that magnificent voice by getting on my knees and despite all of the eloquence I’m known for, could only cry out these simple words, “God, save me.”  And in an instant of time, God spoke again with this question, “If I could take you somewhere, would you go?”  I answered Him, “Lord, if you can send me somewhere, I’ll go.”

The following morning, looking out through my literal window of despair, my current wife showed up to my doorstep unbeckoned by me.  When I opened the door, this woman said, “Roy, it was my only intent to see you again in divorce court, but, ‘If I could take you somewhere, would you go?”  I was amazed!  Those very same words I had heard the previous night were being sounded in my ears.  I merely  responded in the same manner as before, “If you can send me somewhere, I’ll go.”

Later, in speaking with Karen, she confessed to me on that particular night years ago, God would not let her sleep.  She tried to ignore His promptings but His word to her was, “Go see about your husband.”  She complied with His word to her and I’m here today to let you know if God is not speaking to you, then the problem is with you, not with the Bible, not with God, not with anything other than your own inability to grasp onto something so simple and so much happening today to continue to bring men and women to Him for salvation.

To read more of how God speaks to you, I wrote a book entitled, “If You Send Me, I’ Will Go” (2009) of what occurred that night and how I’m sitting here today as a result of God PERSONALLY speaking not only to me but to someone else, for me.


July 31, 2014


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