Our attention has recently been focused on the country of Nepal and the tragedy with the, now, two great earthquakes which have shaken the very core of the people.  It is not my intention to minimize their pain but to “spiritualize” an even greater Biblical truth, and, “no”, I will not venture into any prophetical meanings, for this is already understood.

There are far too many people who are under the belief when they, or others, are converted, it is a “one time” event.  Sadly, those who actually believe this have never been converted!  Think of it as what is happening in Nepal.  After the first and larger quake of 7.8, there have been multiple “aftershocks” caused by the settling of the tectonic plates of the earth.  An upheaval has occurred and there must be a settling, causing grinding of these plates against each other resulting in smaller quakes and just when one has thought it all over, another 7.3 has hit the region, in a different place than the first, but in the vicinity, with aftershocks to follow.  This is how it is in our religious experience.

At some point in our lives there will be an effect upon our being which will shake us to our very core.  It could be a message from the Sacred Desk.  It could have been caused by the church choir and a particular song.  It could have come as the result of a life-threatening experience of ourselves or someone we love.  It could be any number of things but it will have been of such an event which causes us to take notice of our lives and desire for something better than what we have, what we know about ourselves.  Our priorities will be changed.  Our goals re-evaluated and our relationships with others are affected.  We have felt the first shock of conversion and now the settling begins to take place.  What we think we do not think anymore.  What we would have said, we don’t say anymore.  What we would have done, we don’t do anymore.  Our lives are being changed.  When presented by those who are not cognizant of our experience rub against us, there are “aftershocks” which lets them, and ourselves know, something has changed.  But, God is good!  Some of us warrant a good second quake, conversion experience, and God is faithful to provide such to further align us with His plan for our lives.

Earthquakes are not pleasant, nor is conversion.  It hurts.  It means to change the very core of our being into something which has not been us.  It is about another person, “Christ”, and the (re)formation of our character means we’re going to feel discomfort, no, better word:  pain.  And now will we feel pain and we will be painful to others, perhaps even the cause of their having a quake in their own lives, bringing about conversion to which they will be thankful when their pain has been resolved, just as yours is being resolved today.

While our world is going through its upheaval and preparation to receive the King and undergo some major reconstruction, our lives are similarly going through the same experience.  You cannot be in front of the King in the same way we are in front of each other.  So, when you feel a shaking going on in your life recognize it is for the better.  God is demonstrating His “great” love for you, therefore, for some of us this is going to require a “great” earthquake in our lives which will bring about the results only He is able to do.

Let the shaking begin.


May 18, 2015


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