Earlier in the week, I posted a photo of myself which contained my ex-wife, of my “younger” days, about 35 years ago.  It generated a response from a gentleman who is the spitting image of Isaac Hayes, to which I will give credit for inspiring this post.  Conversing with him I realized the photo would be best removed when he asked me to “teach us about ‘contemporary’ Adventism”.  So, let’s allow this post, my friends, serve the purpose.

Let me state now what I told him: “Sadly, there should not be any ‘contemporary ADVENTIST’ living.  The fact we do means we’re walking away from truth.”

What I will say in this post will offend many, no doubt.  It will come fast and it will come straight, no, strait is the better word.  If you’re singed by these words, then the problem is not in the messenger but the receiver, because it sparked something within you, which has been bothering you because you’ve spent years trying to disregard the war which is going on inside you.  So, be it.

Joe Crews wrote a book called, “Creeping Compromise”.  I would suggest to anyone they should read it. For those who have no access, let me know and I’ll email you a copy.

Okay, let’s get on with it.

Look around you.  Spend this coming Sabbath looking around you and observe what you are seeing.  For those of us who were born and raised, as Adventist, in the 50’s and 60’s, we are not seeing now what we saw then in the new millennium.  You DID NOT see jewelry or even wedding bands in the 50’s and 60’s on the fingers and necks of our parents and grandparents, but we adorn ourselves—with indignant purpose today.  Even some pastors ascend the steps and stand behind the Sacred Desk with rings, or teachers in OUR schools with rings and jewelry.  This did not happen back then.

Some of you are posting what is placed upon your tables.  All the “clean” meat simply means you’ve departed from the “NO” meat how you were raised.  And some of you are so bold to show the liquor, wine and other hard drink you now imbibe upon which you did not, your family did not during our growing years.

And our worship services are NOTHING like the worship services years past.  We’re now singing, jumping and clapping to the superficial messages and music of the world, and church, having crept inside and we welcome it, not realizing we allowed the standard to drop—miserably, and call this progress which it is not, but sin.

It used to be a travesty to have divorce and remarriage back then.  Pastors could have had only one wife and if they failed in this, they failed to remain as pastor of any church.  It was allowing them to later assume the role as “evangelists”, to at least keep them in conference work of some sort.  However, today multiple marriages, former spouses still alive, now is the norm and we have lowered the standard because we have lowered Biblical principle, all to make it more comfortable for what we want to do instead of what we should do.  There is no justification for it.

Look at the clothing we wear into our places of worship.  If our grandparents who came into the Message could see us now, we being their age, they would be ashamed and carry many of us into that former back room and give us not only a tongue-lashing but a butt-whipping as well.  They will have told us the mess they left and came out of we have brought upon ourselves and what is worse, we’ve brought into the church.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church is not the same church, today, which we grew up and became the foundation which is the ONLY REASON why many of us continue to be Adventists, because we’ve built phony and wicked floors above the great and wonderful foundation.  Soon, and very soon, there will come the tempest and flood and it will wash away the mess, leaving the foundation and hopefully before it is too late, you will rebuild that which is permanent, honorable and as it should be, otherwise you, too, we, too, will be uprooted and it will be total loss.  A TOTAL LOSS.

No, there should not be any “Contemporary Adventism”.  While time goes on, progress goes on, modernization goes on, religious principles and practices which are truth THEN is truth for ALL TIME, and there should be no compromising when it comes to truth, especially with worldliness.  Ezekiel’s message is knowing how to distinguish between the sacred and the secular.  We have forgotten this.  I told a young man something I am even guilty of regarding the music we now hear in our churches, the music of Babylon.  Our Kirk Franklin, former SDA.  Our Fred Hammond.  Our Edwin and Walter Hawkins.  Our Andrea Crouch.  Our Tye Tribbet, our Yolanda Anderson.  If we would not attend those worship services of Babylon, then why are we bringing their music into our church?  Creeping compromises explains how and why.

We need to get back to the “ol religion” we once knew.  If it was good for our momma and daddy’s then, it should be good enough for us now.  I feel sorry for our young people who will call what your handing them as a foundation today.  They will be a complete mess, emulating you because you have forgotten from where you have come from.  Truly sad days are just up ahead.

Now, I’ll return you to either your former life or the one you have chosen thinking you are alright.


January 7, 2017