The subtitle might read:  “Deep Excavation Necessary”.

Elder Henry Wright made a statement which has resounded in my ears to this day.  It was, “God calls many men to ministry because it is the only way He can save them!”  I think I understand, fully, what he meant.  These preachers, these men, were perhaps some of the most vilest, wickedest, sinners life has produced yet because of their connection, commitment, and close proximity with God on a daily basis, God has been able to use them to fulfill His requirements for the work of salvation not only for millions of others but for themselves.  I know this to be true in my case!

How can a thief, drug addict, liar, criminal of the highest sort who had good origins yet practiced the most heinous sins able to retire many years ahead of his peers who have not spent one day in a jail or prison, mental institution or substance abuse rehab, in most cases at least ten years earlier?  How is it possible?  God is the answer and the reason.  God has allowed me to understand having nothing but time where I don’t have a need to work, can satisfy all my living necessities, from the time I awaken in the morning until the time I call it a day, like you who have employment, where I can spend this time in research, study, writing, contemplation.  It is being accomplished because God is doing some heavy duty re-construction for the purpose of saving Bro. Roy.

So, do not think of my being retired early any indication of extraordinary effort of my part or some great investing beforehand because this is not the case.  One cannot have spent almost twenty years in active addiction, almost half that time in prison, jails or some mental institution and drug rehabs only to retire officially at fifty-five years of age, where alarm clocks are no longer necessary.  White shirts and ties are no longer worn, no need for a car and the exorbitant expenses to maintain and can live on a tropical island of the South Pacific as being anything I have done but God simply having posted, on my life, a sign stating, “Construction Ahead” as a warning to others who might rub against this man with quick wit and a sharp tongue, more than capable of hurting feelings.  God needed more time in my case and this is only for one purpose:  to save me.

So, there is no envy necessary for what God has had to do, for me.  He’s blessed you to live lives of the common sort, having worthwhile employment, family and good lives.  He hasn’t had to do “deep excavation” to dynamite harden surfaces in order to reach the softness of the heart which He knows is there because He put it there.  What has happened to me has been a requirement to reach someone like me.  There are others, like me, too, which are undergoing some major construction, so when you see the oft familiar signs of warning, remember when inside the area of construction to drive safely, stay in your lane and do not pass.


March 4, 2015


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