Having a discussion the other day, these words were said, to me: “I just am motivated to worship the God of Love not condemnation. Which I believe most folks outside of the Faith see.” I have given some thought to this and it is not original because several have pointed out this same view. I read this, too, in my morning’s devotion:

“Another extreme which Satan has led the people to adopt is entirely to overlook the justice of God, and the threatenings in His Word, and to represent Him as being all mercy, so that not one will perish, but that all, both saint and sinner, will at last be saved in His kingdom.” –Early Writings, page 219

Taking my morning’s meditative/exercising walk, several thoughts occurred: (1) crack addiction, (2) Noah, and (3) 144,000, and (4), 6,240. Let me share with you how they’re interrelated.

I am so grateful for having had the experience of crack addiction! Yes, this might come as a surprise, but I have learned so much how God works with us while we are in our sin. So, my previous life of drug addiction is no different than your sin whatever it might be. We can and should learn from it. I learned God will not save me “in” my sin. I also learned God would not save me despite my sin. I had to “work” to come out of it, and He did the “work” through me but I had to be “willing” to have Him do for me what I could not do for myself, nor what anybody could do for me. That’s also called, “desperation”.

The problem with many of us Christians is we want God to save us while we are “in” our sin and “despite” our sin. He won’t! He can’t. Yes, God DOES save to the uttermost, but that “uttermost” has a wall and it is called “willfulness”. Hence, the reason why we must surrender that which He has given to us, our “will” in order to begin the process of being saved.

Noah is one of my favorite men, not so much because of what he did but because Christ directly referred to him. If we would focus on Noah and the time in which he lived, it would help us tremendously in our own situation because Christ warned us and gave him as a point of reference. A brother yesterday so eloquently pointed out on one of my posts that God saved Noah, one of the few in comparison to the majority and we should consider this has happening again in our future! He is so correct. Friends, the majority of us will be lost! Only the few will be saved. Don’t get it twisted. And the reason why the majority of us will be lost is because we want to be saved while “in” and “despite” our sin and anyone who tells us differently is preaching a “condemnatory” message and not one in “love”! They cannot see it becomes condemnatory when you choose not to accept the message given in love. The other thought is, “When you preach like that you cause people to not want to hear the message.” Duh! They weren’t concerned about being saved anyway! As a crackhead, I would take whatever help I could get even when the helping was not pleasant. Many have not found themselves desperate enough to want salvation, nor is there any agonizing, anguish in our lives and in our current state. If there is felt no need, then there will not be any desire for what God will do us because we don’t feel the need!

Noah preached 6,240 Sabbaths. He held 6,240 Wednesday night prayer meetings and studies and yet God told him in the beginning to build an ark for him and his family. That should say something to us right there! God KNEW what the end result would be, only he and his family would be saved in spite of all the preaching, teaching and loving which later was seen as being condemnatory and you know how the story ended. They were in fact “condemned”!

When I look at what the Bible says about the 144,000, I come away with the impression these people who will go through this awful time of tribulation, yet cannot be faulted, is what you and I need to be now! They have the “character of Christ” and we, well, let me speak for myself, are so far away and yet we expect, I expect, to be saved! When I consider Christ’s life, can I honestly say that Christ would eat like I do? That He would drink what I drink? That He would go where I go? That He would watch what I watch? Now, if I can see a direct difference between He and I then why would I expect to be saved when I’m nothing like Him? Again, He will not save me “in” my sin nor “despite” of my sin. Not when I am distinctly separate from Him. Of Noah, it was said he was, “just and perfect in his generation”. Of Job it was said he was, “perfect and upright”. Of the 144,000 it was said they were, “virgins” which mean they were true to God. In their mouth was no, “guile”, meaning they spoke the truth and they had no “fault” before God. They were PERFECT!

Jesus told us to be “perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect”. Now, it would seem rather foolish of Christ to tell us to be something we’re not able to achieve, wouldn’t you think? THIS IS WHY to the “majority” the message the “few” will preach will sound condemnatory. They’re on the wrong side! You need to get rid of your passion for sin. You need to get rid of your excuses for not being able to get rid of your passion for sin! You need to become, I need to become, we need to become more like our example, Christ, who WILL condemn every one of us if we choose not take a greater part in cleaning up our act before it is too late.

April 28, 2015


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