I have found living on this side of the world when I want to communicate with family and friends in the United States or other parts of the world, I have to compute by comparing the time.  I don’t want to have the fault of attempting to ring someone’s phone and it is 2:00 in the morning where it is 2:00 in the afternoon, for me.  It is not about me when it involves someone else.

How are we comparing with God’s timing?

I am thoroughly convinced of this one thought:  “I am alive, today, because God has not seen fit to take me because He knows, and I know, if He had any time prior to this moment, I would have been lost!”  Now, that is a sobering thought.  So, He is keeping me around until…

How about you?

The Bible tells us we will begin to scoff about God’s timing and go about our daily lives not really too concerned about how God is determining the time.  Many of us are planning for our future financially, physically and have children being planned for.  We plan for our vacations, what we will eat and wear, and truly little thought is given about our eternal salvation.  It didn’t matter how much Prince had, what his hobbies were, what he enjoyed or dislike, but at the age of 57, someone who could have very well had it all, lost it all, because he can’t be concerned about anything at this point in time.  There is nothing he can do to settle his account with God because the marker has been called.

You and I?  Well, we have this minute and perhaps the next several to make some decisions about the remainder of our life.  You can look at the mantle or on your wrist and can see what the time is—right now, but you have no idea what is God’s time for you.  Are you comparing the time?  Are you on the same time as God when it comes to your life?  Or, are you one who don’t put much thought into time and what it really means?

Ask any one of us who is turning 60 this year.  Ask us how long ago it was when we were young and we’d say, “It was yesterday and I don’t know what happened!”  Oh, we lived through every instance of it, but to think we are turning 60—NOW, this is mind boggling, to say the least.  We look at our parents and those of us who have children, we sit in amazement because our parents and their parents did the same thing.  We are now the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family and if not at this immediate time, give it a few years or even a breath, a heartbeat, and we would have arrived.  There is no manual discussing how we have arrived at this point or what we should do.  There is a Bible, though, which is seldom used but it is a good resource for understanding where we are in terms of God’s time and where we are in terms of our time, and it is helpful because it will get us in synch so we are not left behind.

So, what are you going to do about the time, today?


May 14, 2016