A friend quoted a verse on one of my posts which held special meaning, for me.  It may not have any relevance for someone else, but it holds a special place in my heart because of a situation and has become my favorite verse, for now.  Our experiences change and is constantly in flux so what was important then may not be today and we need to keep this in mind.

As an administrator of various groups, I deny post requests which contain only a Bible text.  I am courteous to let the person know why it was denied because it needs to be understood whatever that verse may mean to you, it’s for “you”.  Therefore, I request those who wish to post Bible text, since we already have a Bible, is to include either commentary and/or personal testimony of what that text mean to you.  Anyone can cut and paste text, and, so, what’s the point?  Tell us what that text mean to you.

Reading other’s posts and tags and varying responses, some problematic, I’ve come away with this conclusion, too many of us are comparing others with ourselves, or what we determine is the “right” and “only” way, and forget to Whom we should be comparing ourselves when it comes to food, music, social events, secular lifestyle and religious ideologies.  It is our relationship with Christ which should be paramount and focus.  Now, while there is a “true” and “false” road to travel, and while we are encouraged and admonished to share what we know, it is not our place to criticize unconstructively.  A brother shared with me this saying, perhaps you’ve heard it, and I need to keep this in mind, too, when I come across someone who I believe is searching or on the wrong path.  It is:  “Your witness should be your life and only when necessary use words.”

If we would spend less time pointing people to ourselves, to our church, to our pastors and elders and to Mrs. White, and point them to what is “absolute”, Christ, and learn to keep our mouth shut and let the Holy Spirit do what only He is able to do and does it certainly better than you and I, since He knows the person and their struggles, Christianity would be such a pleasant experience than what it is today.  Many of us cannot walk into a church and sit quietly without complaining, griping and comparing.  Many of us cannot hold conversations on Facebook, and I’m going to include myself in this one, without complaining, griping and comparing, and it is my belief it is due to our focus on others, ourselves and not on Christ.

Whatever you may enjoy regarding music which doesn’t meet my standard, it’s not for me to hear.  Whatever you may enjoy eating which doesn’t meet my standard, I don’t have to eat.  Whatever you wish to celebrate which I have determined wrong, for me, I don’t need to celebrate.  Friends, it’s all about relationships, but the first relationship we should be developing is the one between ourselves and Christ, and when we’ve gotten a true understanding of what this means, I think, I just happen to think, we would do so much better in our relationships with each other.  My mother was fond of saying, “I don’t have a heaven to take you to, and I certainly don’t have a hell to put you in.”  Meaning, your business, your soul salvation, is not mine.  You’ve heard the old saying, I’m sure, about loving someone,   letting them go and if they return it is because they were always yours?  Well, the same applies here, too.  If you truly love someone, let them go and let Christ take over in directing their lives and you continue living and acquiring your testimony so others can see without you having to open your mouth and destroying everything!

Let’s stop comparing others and their shortcomings and look to Christ and resolve our shortcomings.


December 14, 2014


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