Yesterday, I wrote a post entitled, “We’re Not Adventist Anymore” and was surprised to find there were several who took issue with the Spirit of Prophecy writings with regards to the author, Mrs. Ellen G. White.  They touted and quite proudly, in essence, “I don’t need her.  I have the Bible and it is preferred” as if what she was given to do paled in comparison.  Let me ask a question:  “Don’t the other churches have Bibles?”  And we are seeing what the result with them is.  Let me ask another question, “Was any other church given the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’?”  The answer should be very clear.

Let me make a statement and although some are going to have a problem with this, nonetheless it needs to be said:  “The same Spirit which gave the Bible authors their message to write IS the SAME Spirit which gave Mrs. White her writings.  If it is the same Spirit who has done both, is one less important than the other?”  Now, I am aware she called her work her the “lessor light” while the Bible is the “greater light”, but one reflected off the other which makes them equally as important and let me qualify as to how.

In the texts mentioned in the meme of this post, examine the three of them.  Notice the word, the conjunctive word, “and”.  A conjunction “joins” two values together making a total sum.  In essence what God is saying, through John who was inspired to write this, by the same Spirit, I might add, God’s last day “remnant” church would have two characteristics:  (1) They would keep the Commandments of God, and (2) They would be given the Spirit of Prophecy.  You cannot separate them because they are “joined” together.  The fact they are given together distinguishes God’s true church from those which are not.  It also does this:  “It distinguishes God’s true members within the church from those who are not!”  I’m sure I will hear a lot of controversy on that one.

As I clearly stated in one of my comments to a dissenter, “I am suspect of anyone who claims to be an Adventist yet also claim not to have an appreciation for the work of the Spirit of Prophecy.” I have two legs.  Both of them are mine.  I cannot make the claim I use one more than the other.  In fact, I have to use them both to accomplish the purpose for which they are intended.  The same with regards to the Spirit of Prophecy writings.  They are con-joined with the Scriptures.  They “both” shed light on each other.  Both accomplish the same purpose.  Each helps to understand the other and for those who make the claim they don’t need the Spirit of Prophecy writings, for whatever reason is like me trying to walk successfully on one leg!  IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!

How dare anyone attempt to make the distinction they are distinct from the other members of churches when they claim to have only what the other churches have!  It is impossible.  You MUST have both, use BOTH and see the cohesiveness of both in order to move forward in this warfare.  God gave both, to us, and to deny one of them is in fact, “grieving” the Holy Spirit, who gave both.  You’re only condemning yourself.  Can you imagine a sun without a moon?  I can’t.  For they both serve a purpose—together.  And for those who make the claim you can, it is no wonder, to me, why you are in darkness half of the time!

April 19, 2017