A chain not only binds, but it also protects!

I love this quotation:

“The Law of God, embracing the Ten Commandments, contains all the principles of moral duty. To keep that Law, we must obey every part of it. In suspending our weight upon a chain, we shall as surely fall if one link breaks as if all broke. It is not enough that we keep part of the Precepts of God’s Law; we must obey all. The same God that spoke part, spoke all. All stand upon the same authority.”

Why does it appear I keep harping about keeping the Ten Commandments?  I will be glad to explain it.

There is a belief we do not have to follow God’s Law.  There is also a belief that whatever Jesus said or did supersedes what God said.  There is a belief we do not have to keep the entire Law, but part of the Law due to things like “covenants” or “dispensations”.  Like the figure attached to this post, what might appear humorous is quite real and we should know this.  If you were hanging on the end of this chain, which link in this chain would you consider yourself safe if it were to be broken?  Sensibly, the answer would be:  any link broken would cause one’s demise.  The same with God Ten Commandments.

God’s Law is our moral guide in following what Christ did, because He kept these very same Commandments.  He came to fulfill, to show how they could be kept without sin.  Thankfully, He came, too, to provide a path whereby when one of those links were broken because of some act we commit, He would provide a restoration of that broken link so we would not have to pay the penalty of breaking the Ten Commandments.  This is called “grace”.  He restores us based upon His merits and not our own.  However, it does not give us license to say we cannot, or do not have to continue keeping them.  It does not give us the right or power to throw them away and think we can still remain in a right relationship with God.  Those Ten Commandments are our guide in how we treat our fellow-man and how we know we can be in a right relationship with God.

As a Christian we need to study these Laws and apply them to our lives today.  If we should find we are not following them properly, then with God’s help, and He will, we then make the changes so we can be in compliance and not in danger of losing eternity.  These Laws cannot and will not save us.  Only Christ is able to do this.  They were not put in place of our salvation but our guide to salvation, now that we have fallen in sin and have lost our way.  However, these same Commandments were given to Adam and Eve BEFORE sin entered into the world because of their action.  It had to be because how would they’ve known they sinned had there not been the Guide present?

We, too, know when we have sinned, don’t we?  How is it?  Because of those very same Ten Commandments.  Without it, we would not know or love God.  So, stop breaking the links.  We need them!


March 19, 2016