As is common during the beginning of a new “calendar” year, we hear of the many highly motivated individuals who plan on achieving greatness where they did not the previous year.  Some are claiming, and even “declaring”, what God is going to do as if they have an inside track, or some new method of moving the arm of the Almighty to give them greatness, prosperity and some other unrealistic attainment and reason being, we tend to forget where we are coming up short.  Whatever you were on December 31 you are the same January 1.  The only difference is the day, and if we continue pursuing God utilizing pagan influences, well, we will never reach the goals we’d like for ourselves, never mind the one’s God has for us.

Instead of forecasting the unknown, would it not be more beneficial to see where we have come short?  This we should be able to readily see and take whatever steps necessarily to make correction, a work of both divine with human involvement.  As I’m doing my morning’s devotion, which speaks about the Third Angel’s Message, I’m not so much focused on the greatness of the message and how I’m ready for this time, as much as I’m really more concerned because I need God to continue showing me where I fall short.

When a golfer takes his place, he sees the direction he wishes his ball to go.  He chooses the proper iron or wood, takes a few practice swings, gets the lay of the land, checks the trees for wind strength and direction, and the instant his club hits the ball he already know where he came up short.  My sport was bowling.  The moment I left my three step delivery post, released the ball at a slight angle to hit the outside second diamond, I could tell if I would come up short and need not see the result dropping the follow-through.  If many of us would approach our lives as indicated by the attention given to sports, or many other various methods, our focus would be best served by seeing where we come up short.  If we take care of the continuing struggle with our “shortness”, God will take care of the goal.


January 7, 2016