When I was a young boy, I can vividly remember telling my mother the “weather is changing”.  I predicted, then, there would be palm trees growing in Cleveland and snow in the tropics.  Now, while many may like to see this happen or even experience snow in the Philippines, my new chosen home, I can assure you, my childhood prognostications will not come about even though the world is saying it will.

There is much afoot regarding this new world-wide excitement and I need to let you know, it has got nothing to do with God!  Those students of prophecy are aware God has already declared the elements, as we know them, will change and affect the world, but not in the manner which is being espoused today.  I always remember this one fact:  the devil will always have a counterfeit.  He will always bring about similarly to what God has determined because if he can get you to focus on his work, you will miss what God has determined to be a fact.

Think about it.  Where there is a Sabbath (Saturday), there is a false sabbath (Sunday).  Where there is a “health message”, there is a science of diet methods.  Where there is a “church of God”, there is a “synagogue of satan”, where there is truth, there is a lie.  Many are fearful the world will be destroyed by nuclear war but those who know the truth KNOW this will never happen because only God will take it upon His prerogative to destroy the world.  While many of proclaiming the weather is changing, it is only the lie the enemy is using to cause us to look at the smokescreen and not the true issue of what is taking place.

The tsunami which wiped out countless thousands several years ago, to the floods now in the United Kingdom.  To the heatwave, snowstorms, hurricanes and drought, to the earthquakes and wakening volcanoes, these things which Christ predicted would happen, are happening, but it will not be the pope and his cronies who can get together to do anything about it.  These things will not change but will continue to occur, with greater propensity and rapidity and it has nothing to do with carbon emissions and other gases, as much as it has to do with this thing called “sin”, and God bringing about these conditions as “warnings” to get us to our knees for safety and soul salvation purposes.

Christ warned Jerusalem and its inhabitants 34 years before regarding what to look for and when to leave.  We know historically no Christian living in Jerusalem perished because they kept their focus on truth, while those who died two years later, believed in the lie.  I don’t know about you, your belief and involvement in what is now happening like a wave sweeping over this planet, but I can tell you this, while I might have given up using aerosol deodorant, it had nothing to do with the ozone.  While I personally may have given up driving, it had nothing to do with the environment.  I’m not watching the symptoms but the cause, and I know all of what is taking place is because my Savior said it would, and having taken the warning I’m being prepared to leave this place and leave it to those who call it “home”.

It’s not mine and I hope it is not yours!


December 8, 2015