It is interesting to note when the devil wishes to operate he doesn’t come through the back door but mostly through the “front door”, in other words, he attacks “straight up” often disguised as the truth, when, as our first parents found out, mixing the truth of God with error of his own.  How could one argue with a group of people who call themselves the “Church of Christ”, in Philippines “Inglesia ni Cristos”?  And it is by virtue of them calling themselves such they, the actual “Church of Christ” members believe in the lie, this deception, and like their father, the devil, seek to increase their numbers by those whose understanding of Scripture is minimal at best.  I do have to admit; however, this cult’s places of worship, at least in the Philippines are absolutely beautiful and works of wonder while God’s “true” church, His “remnant” will soon be meeting in the wilderness.  I’ve included a photo for your review.

In further research I discovered their founder, Alexander Campbell, who lived 12 September 1788 – 4 March 1866, brought him into the most interesting of times because he witnessed the “Falling Stars” in November 13, 1833.  Read this account:

“The Lord’s time came for this proclamation to go forth to the world, and in a score or more of different parts of the earth, at about the same time, men were raised up, who, without a knowledge of one another’s work, went forth to sound this message to all parts of the earth. Those mentioned in chapter IV, (see Bro. Roy for previous chapter) who received the light respecting the close of the twenty-three hundred days, with one exception, A. Campbell, were moved upon to engage in the proclamation of the First Angel’s message of Revelation 14; this also by direct agency of the Spirit of God, and not by communicating the light to one another.” –“The Great Second Advent movement, its Rise and Progress”, J. N. Loughborough (1832 – April 7, 1924), published in 1905.

In other words, while “most” denominations around the world became attuned to and began propagating the message of “God’s Judgment and eventual Advent”, it would be this one group, rather, “cult”, which would separate themselves not believing the “time of the end” was near.  Now, I have to make this clear, those followers of Alexander Campbell will not acclaim themselves as such, and will state emphatically they are “followers of the Apostles (who followed Christ)”, yet do not accept the teaching of the Apostles who kept God’s Commandments and more specifically the seventh day Sabbath.

Their strategy, which I have found and perhaps you, too, are to infiltrate other religious organizations more specifically the Seventh Day Adventist to raise debates in order to push forward their agenda.  Other than the so-called “Church of Christ” and “Mormonism”, can you not think of another cult which goes door-to-door in trying to get you to join their numbers?  Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I had a young man from the Philippine association to attempt in one of the groups I managed two years ago to finally acknowledge my response when I denied his post, and upon my discovery of who he represented (Church of Christ) tried to engage me into a debate, wanting to use Scripture—literally.  And having learned this from one of their adherents who I have befriended about the same amount of time ago, learned their tactic is in using, literally, and I repeat—“literally” the Scriptures without having any understanding of their true meaning and contextual input.  In other words, they’re not able to see and understand prophecy because of their literal reading and understanding, so “times” (prophecy) is skewed to mean something else totally what it is not meant to be.  Try to discuss the “Antichrist” or “beast(s)” with them and you will come away with a vague description.  Their strength is from the Book of Acts, yet their own acts show them not understanding what they’re attempting to preach.

“Several American church groups have historical roots in the Campbells’ efforts, including the Churches of Christ, the Christian churches and churches of Christ, Evangelical Christian Church in Canada, the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and the Latter Day Saint (Mormons) movement. Alexander Campbell founded Bethany College in Bethany, West Virginia.” –Wikipedia

One of the lessons learned, I learned, when confronted with evil is not to spar with it/them.  You won’t win.  You won’t win in the sense of converting them into truth.  At some point we have to recognize there are some who will not be saved by their own choice.  The best you can do is pray for them that the Spirit of God will wrest them from the hands of satan and the confused state he has them in.  No matter how much you might throw at them using logic and Scripture, because of what they’ve allowed to happen to themselves by the enemy, you will find either of one or two things happening: (1) A losing battle, or (2) You joining with them!  Best to keep your distance.  Even Christ made His conversation short when confronted by the enemy.  Nobody, and I repeat, “NOBODY” wants to see them saved more than Christ and if He’s not able to bring them into acknowledgment of truth then nobody else will be able to do so.

We’re told, through Scripture, the “whole” world will wonder after the beast.  Sadly, this may include many of our friends and family.  We have to expect this and accept this harsh reality.  The deception the power behind the Antichrist will be is to have those who believe they’re following Christ learn when it is too late they were not following Christ at all! Remember Isaiah 8:20:

“To the Law (Ten Commandments) and to the testimony (Prophets): if they speak not according to this word (Bible), it is because there is no light in them.”

Get away while you still have time.


August 13, 2016