I have long been a protagonist against the observance of Christmas as well as Sunday worship, or Sunday “public” worship, (congregational), which most of Christendom does.  I have also made this statement, when speaking to Seventh Day Adventist, “If you observe Christmas, you might as well begin worshipping on Sunday, because they both came from the same source!”   In my compiling a document to be posted as a note, later today, I came across this quotation:

“Very shortly after the period when Constantine issued his edict enjoining the general observance of Sunday throughout the Roman empire, the party that had contended for the observance of the seventh day dwindled into insignificance. The observance of Sunday as a public festival, during which all business, with the exception of rural employments, was intermittent, came to be more and more generally established ever after this time, throughout both the Greek and the Latin churches. There is no evidence, however, that either at this, or at a period much later, the observance was viewed as deriving any obligation from the fourth commandment; it seems to have been regarded as an institution corresponding in nature with Christmas, Good Friday, and other festivals of the church; and as resting with them on the ground of ecclesiastical authority and tradition.” — Cox’s Sabbath Laws, etc., pp. 280, 281. He quotes the Modern Sabbath

Examined.  (This is found in John N. Andrews’s Book, “The History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week, Chapter 19.)

Now, if you care to read further and you’re not an Adventist, feel free; however, this post is directed toward Adventist who so happily set up their tree, sung their songs/carols, and carried about this pagan practice believing and justifying what they wish.  I heard from a childhood friend, who sent me this message to my inbox:

FB Friend:  Now I see why we should not do pagan holidays, I just finished reading Jeremiah 10:1-5 wow!

Me:  And it’s not like it wasn’t in there last year, or the year before…In 1977-78 was when I stopped celebrating/observing after researching it.  Anything resembling a religious holiday I have nothing to do with it.

FB Friend:  So the Christmas tree is acting as a god.  And we wasn’t in the mood for a tree this year also it wasn’t the same, God is opening my eyes to so much. Thanks Brother!


I also got this message from another friend who sent me, not knowing, a “Merry Christmas” and I responded, I don’t celebrate it and she asked me, “why”?  This was her response:

FB Friend:  Thanks even me I don’t know about this I grow up like that

Me:  I grew up like this, too, but I learned the truth and stopped believing in lies.

FB Friend:  Oh really.u know n my work no go holiday no bible so how did i know the real and what means of everything of this

Me:  Well, you are old enough to ask the question, just as I did when I was about 20-21, “Why am I doing this? what is the reason?” And then I began to research why I observed Christmas and other so-called religious holidays, and found out the origins, which then helped me to determine whether I would continue doing something that I’ve always known. I went back to my mother and asked her, “Mom, if you are a Christian and you knew the lies behind Christmas, why did you teach your children a lie?” She couldn’t respond because she knew if she did she would be justifying a lie and she’s always taught us to be truthful! You have to ask yourself these questions, “Why?”. Why do you go to church on Sunday? If you are a Christian, have you read the Bible cover-to-cover? How can you claim to be a Christian when you’re the age you are and have not read it! To me, this would be problematic. This is why Christians have this false security and will be lost eternally because they don’t ask, “why” and just follow along tradition instead of knowing truth. It’s in the Bible and there is no excuse. If you have a cellphone, you still have access to a Bible.


WE DON’T ASK QUESTIONS.  That’s our problem, fellow Adventists.  We, too, are just as guilty as those we witness regarding Sabbath and Sunday.  Our enemy is so slick, so cunning and so wise, knowingly he cannot get us on Sunday worship yet, there we are, folding our hands, calling our bluff when it comes to the observance of Christmas, which I state emphatically again:  is derived from the same source as Sunday worship.

I’m also under the conviction when Sunday Legislation is enacted and many of you will be questioned as to why you do not observe Sunday, the authority’s response will simply be:  “You observe Christmas.  We have proof of this.  Why not Sunday since it is from the same source!  There is surely no Scriptural authority for Sunday worship, we’ll agree with you, but there is no Scriptural authority for Christmas, yet you observe it! Jesus didn’t do it.  The Apostles didn’t do it, so why do you do it?”

What could possibly be your answer to justify what is a lie, from the pit of Hell, just as those who bow their heads worshiping the sun THINKING they’re giving honor to God, just as you believe you’re giving honor to the Son of God! Yeah, right.  “Remember the reason for the season.”  Yes, it sounds catchy, but Christ is not the reason and never was, just as God was not in Sunday and never was!

I’ve gotten my hands on some material from the Spirit of Prophecy regarding this issue WHICH we DO NOT quote.  So easily do we quote Chapter 77 from Adventist Home because in her answer, we find comfort in our wanting to maintain the tradition the world has given you—not God.  Jesus so aptly answered them then, “Divorce was not from the beginning but God allowed it because of the hardness of your heart.”  Mrs. White followed our Savior’s example by merely paraphrasing, “It was not so from the beginning, but…” and you’re off to the races trying to get the biggest tree and “deck those halls….” Despite what the brother mentioned above in Jeremiah 10.  And all the while, satan is sitting back with a “ho ho ho”, because he GOT YOU!  Don’t you think some 160 years AFTER she said this we would have grown-up in our faith, by now?  But, sadly, like little children, we, too can’t sleep and wait for the moment to run downstairs.

I’ll be spending from this time until next year, preparing an exhaustive documentation, from an Adventist point of view, utilizing all the Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy writings to demonstrate WHY we should not be allowing ourselves to fall for this lie, spread this lie to our children, all in the supposed name of the Lord.

I’ve heard from professors, historians, pastors and others who are so caught up in justifying this lie which makes me wonder about our faith.  Yes, he can’t get us one way, but he’s got most of you in another.  Lord, please give us some of that “eye-salve” so we can truly see how we’re being deceived.


December 27, 2014


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