Marriage was not a passing thought of God when He created, and let’s be specific, when Christ created Adam and Eve.  It was planned, decisive and would have future implications which could only be understood by what would occur the sixth day of Creation.  If there were no marriage, as defined by Christ’s act there would be no understanding of prophecy and the future relationship between Christ and His church. As such, marriage, according to what Christ did was between a “man” and a “woman”.

Prophecy records Christ’s church as a “woman” and more specifically as a “bride” adorned for her husband, Christ.  In parables, He spoke about such and there was no confusion meant regarding a “man” and “woman” being adjoined.  Even doing a quick Google definition of the word, “bride”, it is defined as:  “A bride is a woman who is about to be married or who is newlywed.”  And since Christ is referred to as the bride’s groom, the definition of “groom” as: “a man on his wedding day or just before and after the event.”  No confusion there.  (I needed to add this in.  Since there could be no confusion regarding such the enemy has now introduced transgenderism.  However, no amount of surgeries or pills can change a person from being what they were born to be.)

The relationship between a man and a woman, which becomes, a “husband and wife” one of the prerogatives they have is they’re able to produce offspring.  It is so it will continue to propagate the act of Christ.  The offspring of the “church”, again, being referred as Christ’s bride, together when they are personal it produces “converts” or fruit, such as children are called the “fruit of a marriage”.  They, the children as well as the “converts” grow and later produce the same and has been for thousands of years.

Now, understanding this God-given requirement, can you ever see Christ, coming as a “male” even cohabitating in a marriage relationship with another male?  It is offensive to think of such a thing.  The same offensiveness is carried forward whenever I see another male engaged with another male, or a female engaged with another female.  Show me in Scripture where God set this as an act to follow?  However, I can show you how the devil will always come with a counterfeit in order to appear as if it is the same, but it is not and never can be.

To pollute, or change, the purpose of God is to attempt to change what God has given and to destroy the relationship between Him and His people and this can never be.  Just as Christ attempting to copulate with another Christ is offensive, so should it be when we see men mixing with men, and women mixing with women?  What can they possibly (re)produce?  Some would say, “love”, but love is defined in many ways and even there is a counterfeit to love called “lust”.  What men have with other men is lust.  What women have with other women is lust, so do not mistaken it for love.  It can never be love and will only lead to death.

I have a friend from my youth who I have recently learned is homosexual.  In fact, he is a pastor of a church which has openly accepted him, his lifestyle and performs so-called “marriages” between like sexes and believes God’s blessing is upon them.  This is a very sad commentary on life and demonstrates how evil, how demented we can be while thinking we are about God’s work.  It takes quite a bit of inhuman strength to go against the very nature God has given to us by creation.  In fact, this “inhuman” strength should be characterized as “nonhuman”, and better still demonic masquerading as truth.  There is a spirit, an evil spirit which comes into us and will control us having us do abominable acts against ourselves and others, and worse still, to God!

Homosexuality will have a major role to play when end-time events are being played out, and this very soon.  I will address this more when I write about the recently signed Executive Order by President Trump on the 4th of May.

Until then, the best we can do for my friend and others like him is to keep them solidly in prayer, continue to witness to them even as firmly as necessary and there can be no compromise with this diabolic lifestyle.  It corrupts and is corrupting and touches the very nature between the relationship of Christ and His church.

May 6, 2017