While having my morning’s devotion I came across this quotation by Matthew Henry:

“It supposes that all God’s people are praying people; all God’s children keep up both a constant and an occasional correspondence with Him, send to Him statedly, and upon every emergency. It is our privilege and honour that we may pray. It is our duty; we ought to pray, we sin if we neglect it. It is to be our constant work; we ought always to pray, it is that which the duty of every day requires. We must pray, and never grow weary of praying, nor think of leaving it off till it comes to be swallowed up in everlasting praise.”

So, the consideration I’d like to offer you is simply this:  Can you imagine a life when there is no more praying?

Sadly, for many of us, this is already the reality of our lives!  And for another greater segment of the alleged Christian society, there are many of us if our prayer life equaled that of our communication with loved ones, well, there wouldn’t be much of a relationship at all, vis-à-vis, there is not much of a relationship with God as we might like to think!

Jesus taught His Disciples to pray and gave us an example.  Long before this men, and women, had been praying for whatever their apparent need.  One comes to mind is that of Hannah.  Her prayer time was considered a mockery.  The real reason regarding this is because, the prayer was not for Eli and his business was none of hers who was praying.  The “business” of prayer is between you and God, but how many of you are making it your business to have some sit-down, lay-down-prostrate, prayer-time with God?

But, I digress.  The point of this inspirational thought is for us to consider there will be a time when there will be no more prayer.  Let’s not get confused with meditation and praise, totally different types of communication we have with God.  I’m talking simply about “prayer”.

I cannot imagine prayer taking place in Heaven.  I cannot perceive of us praying in the New Earth.  What would you pray about?  What would you ask, in prayer, which you could not ask going directly before the Throne, or make mention when you’re having your walk with Christ?  Actually, it’s a stretch of the imagination, isn’t it, to think of life without prayer.

At the end of time, there will be two groups of people who will no longer have a need for prayer, and they are: (1) Those who should have prayed and did not and are lost, and (2) Those who did pray, but no longer need to do so, because they are in the very presence of God!

Which will you belong?  It is “my” prayer we are in the second group.


November 9, 2015