Going through the newsfeed I came across one gentleman’s continuing post about the “Holy Spirit”.  He appears to have this need to keep harping upon the “Baptism of the Spirit” and there are few responders.  Many friends, but few responders and his writing is quite theological and it makes me wonder how others my see my writing, which I attempt to keep from being deep, but simple, interesting and informative.  I know we may never know how effective we are in reaching those we come in contact, until that day, but as a writer, a servant of the Most High, one cannot help but wonder.

There are times, and I admit, I try to be provocative and evoke a response and yet none comes.  I also, at times, write to address a specific person and will never know if that person even sees the post without tagging them specifically but not wanting to embarrass them or call them out into the open, but have to trust in God to have it so.  So, yes, like the movie of whose meme I post along with this post, I wonder if you “Do understand the words which are coming out of my typing fingers?”

Let me be honest, I don’t write simply to be writing.  It is one reason why I have stayed away from writing fiction.  I think I would be good at it.  I know I would enjoy it and I would enjoy the monetary rewards which would result, but, this is my life’s work—now.  To write as I am inspired, and to use whatever means, I’m given, to utilize this gift in order to reach someone who I may never know until some day in Glory and it is mentioned, “Hey Brother Roy, that post about…touched me.  God used you to reach me that day and I just wanted you to know this.”  This is why we writers do what we do.  Can you imagine all the attention the various writers of the Scriptures will receive?  I know I have several of them I’d like to sit with and ask a few questions and learn what it was they went through.

One other would be Sis. White.  She didn’t have the benefit of a laptop, recorder and yet she wrote voluminously.  I remember when I exceeded 1,000 pages on my website and what an achievement it was, never mind the tens of thousands she’s written, sort of makes me feel ashamed because I sometimes am too tired to get up and write especially when I know the message given me has been received, and let me tell you about inspiration, my friends, if you do not do it at the moment given, forget about trying to restart it later.  It just doesn’t happen.

So, yeah, I’ll continue wondering if you read my work, God’s words.  I’ll continue wondering if you see where you are in comparing your life with truth and if it make sense at all and how it is being used in your life.  Here at this stage of my life, doing more writing than ever at any time previously and I don’t get paid a cent for doing it.  It wouldn’t have mattered because you cannot monetize the joy I receive when I see another done for the day.

Just like this one—now!


December 23, 2015

Can you hear