…Then why return?

When we are making our progress through this thing called, “life”, we encounter others on this journey and if we are considered one of God’s children then we have the responsibility, God-given responsibility, to share with our family-members what has been a part of our experience, and could lead them further along the journey.  So, why is it personality, ego and selves become bruised as if a personal attack has been committed?  Let me share two situations:

A lovely sister made reference to my critique, shall we call it, upon some of her posts.  I guess it became personal when I approached her regarding a post where she was giving mention her zodiac sign.  So, my question, to her, how could a Christian promote anything having to do with the horoscope?  Her retort, “It is just for entertainment!”  (The exclamation mark is my own.)  I was taken back, for a moment, wondering how spiritualism become a method of “entertainment” when we know it is “spiritualism” and should have nothing to do with it?  Why do we “return” to darkness when we’ve been called out into the light?  Or, could it be, too, many of us never left the darkness in the first place?  Or, could it be, too, many are not aware of the darkness—yet, and their time is yet to come?  Let’s pray it is.

The second situation occurred even more recently when a good sister posted promoting Joyce Meyers.  I discretely mentioned how I have difficulty in understanding how an Adventist could do so.  Her remark was, “I see her as a motivational speaker.  Our opinion regarding her is not the same.”  Because it was Sabbath, for me, I could not get into the religious ethics regarding “motivational” speakers, nor the belief this woman, Ms. Meyers has, regarding Christ and it is not what it should be.  Again, if this person, Ms. Meyers, resides in darkness, then why promote going back to it when there is much light available?

Now, don’t let me appear I’m all that, because I’m not.  I post quite often and I, too, get several who will inbox me regarding something I’ve said, and it is appreciated.  If I’m off the mark, tell me.  You have a duty to do so, that is, if you consider and love me as your Christian brother.  And believe me, if it becomes an issue where my ego, personality or self becomes bruised, then does it not mean it is still good, the critique, for a reason?  The issue brought up just revealed a deeper issue which needs to be worked on.  When that work is done, those symptoms of wanting to go back into the dark will have resolved itself, because, my friends, there is certainly no light in the darkness we’ve been called out from!

My respondent later posted, “It’s not the religion but the heart.”  Well, I guess the passage of Scripture often overlooked is how wicked our hearts are and they cannot be known.  Thankfully, there is a “religion” which reveals our hearts, helps to mend and correct those hearts, and it is the fellowship, the membership within said religion which gets us onto the right track.  I think, since one brother made a comment regarding my posts, about my being “frank”, well, allow me to be “frank” as I close this post:  IF we believe we are God’s remnant church, which means THE ONLY ONE LEFT, then we cannot consort nor resort to going BACK to those which are not!  Doesn’t that make sense?  UNLESS, it is to be a witness to them, and not them to us!  I think that’s frank enough.

There is no light to be found where we’ve been called out from, so stop trying to revisit.  You will find nothing there!


August 15, 2015


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