The other day, I mentioned in a post, I wondered how nominal (Sunday worshipers) teach the story of “Cain and Abel”, when in fact, it is an indictment against themselves.  However, there is another truth to the story, which I didn’t get until now!  So, let’s briefly share the truth behind this even in our history and then demonstrate how it will be seen later in our experience just before the end of time and Christ returns.

Cain and Abel represents the “church of God”.  They were taught, by their parents, the true worship of God.  They, Adam and Eve, were taught, by Christ, how to properly sacrifice a lamb, which represented Christ, and what it stood for.  It would be Christ’s blood and death, which would purge the sins of man, and keeping them from dying their own death because One died, paying the penalty for them.  However, Cain, at some point sought his own way of worship, and because of pride presented God his best.  Cain was a farmer whereas Abel was a shepherd.  As Abel brought his best sheep to the altar and his elder brother, Cain, had always done prior, Cain decided he would bring his best fruit, to God, for his sacrifice to be accepted.

There was one problem with this.  How does fruit represent Christ?  Fruit does not have human blood, which is the life of man, as is the life of the lamb, as would be the life of the Greater Lamb, Christ.  We, Christ’s church has become just as guilty.  Christ’s church was taught the proper way of worship, by keeping and worshiping God on His holy Sabbath as according to the Commandments of God.  Later, a part of Christ’s church separated themselves from the teaching of God and decided to attempt at bringing their best, their customs and traditions, and worship Him on Sunday, the first day of the week and disregard the Sabbath, (Saturday), the seventh day of the week.

What happened with the two brothers?  Cain, in his displeasure and anger toward his younger brother killed him!  He killed him because God did not and would not accept his worship and instead accepted his younger brother, Abel’s worship, because Abel did it the right way, the “only” way in which God wanted man to sacrifice their lives to the Creator and later, the Redeemer of all men.

Now, in the Scriptures, God told satan, in Genesis 3:

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Gen. 3:15 (KJV)

In other words, God permitted enmity, or “hatred” to exist between those who served God properly and those who did not.  We are seeing it more today than ever before and it will rise up to become an even more persecuting power.

Cain hated his brother because he followed the “command” of God and he was rejected for doing it the way he wanted.  Nobody likes to be rejected especially when it involves not only family, but when those who think they are first, even by having a birthright, to be showed off by the younger member of the family.  God said there would be “hatred”.  And Cain, in his hatred, did the abominable act and killed his brother because his brother was righteous and he was not, and because his brother’s act demonstrated his act was wrong.

How many times have I posted about the Sabbath day, or you have posted, and you and I are met by so many persons who claim to be in the “Church of God” yet they demonstrate hatred and enmity to the Law of God?  In fact, watch and see how some will respond to this post.  They cannot stand the fact by calling them out, those who worship on Sunday, the day God never called “holy” nor desired any worship, but simply made it the first day of the week, as common with every other day of the week EXCEPT for the Sabbath, during that first week of Creation.  Regardless of some people who believe it was only given to the Jews, were there any Jews around when God called the seventh day “holy”?  Were there any Jews around when He sanctified that day?  Where there any Jews around when He Himself rested on that day?  Who was around?  Adam and his lovely wife Eve.  God gave it to them, our parents, not nationality, not ethnically, not religious group, but mankind, those made in His/his image to keep it, and we do.

Friends, there will be two types of persecution as according to Scripture.  First, like Cain and Abel, the true Christians who keep God’s holy and true Sabbath will be persecuted by those in the “Church of God”!  We see it now and we will see this hatred continue to grow.  Does not the Bible say in the New Testament, “If you, speaking about you and I, love Him, talking about God…what are we to do?  Keep His Commandments.”  It is very simple.  “If you love Me, keep My Commandments.”  It is not like there is a whole lot of them.  There are only 10, and we need not be confused as to what constitutes God’s Commandments.  The devil was not confused.  The angels who followed the devil were not confused.  Adam and Eve were not confused.  Cain was confused and it resulted in him being refused.  Are you, the reader of this post, confused?

After being persecuted by the now evident “false church”, we will be persecuted by the civil power as represented by the “civil/state” power.  The combining of “church and state”, which actually means “papacy” for the Catholic Church constitutes and originated when the Roman power and the church combined to form what we now regard as Catholicism.  She, the church changed, or thought they did, God’s Laws and even the times regarding them.  See:

“And he (Papacy/pope) shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times (the Sabbath) and (God’s) laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” Dan 7:25 (KJV)

So, yes, there is a greater story involved in what many think is a child’s story regarding the world’s first brothers.  Now, we know how it really ends as it will involve who we think are our brothers in Christ!  DO NOT BE FOOLED, but be WARNED!

March 15, 2017