Earlier in the day I posted about God and Christ and a man challenges the post asking where is proof, in Scripture, Jesus is God, or ever called the “Son of God”.  I took the liberty of giving him 26 verses.  He retorts about 2 texts establishing God as the “only” God, and if we wanted to throw Jesus into the mix, then we are minding two Gods and this could not be.  He never bothered to answer my question, so to keep from further wasting of time I requested him not to comment again.  However, before someone can post—usually, they’ve read the post and formulated their response and this is where the challenge comes from.

Now, there is no problem with someone inquiring because they really want to know.  There is a difference when someone already has determined to disregard anything you say, or show them, and present their side of the argument, without ever considering.  In other words, they really didn’t want to know but feel it is their calling to “box” with you regarding the Bible.  They’ve nothing more to do in this life then to go about “seeking whom they can devour”.  Does that sound like someone else?

While I might enjoy a good conversation, even a debate, when both are equally wanting to come to an understanding; however, when one approaches from the position there is nothing you can say to refute me or change my mind, and the other comes with the same attitude, NOTHING will ever result except name-calling and perhaps a few choice words.  I like that, which means I really don’t, statement when people say, “Let’s agree to disagree.”  What are they really telling you?

This is fact:  (1) Two people can both be wrong, (2) One person can be right and the other wrong, and (3) Two people can never be correct if both hold opposing views.  I think it is time to take off the boxing gloves when dealing with Scripture.  Just as there are varied opinions, ideas, degrees of truth, there can only be one “personal” relationship with God and this has to be between you and Him.  We should be in the business of “sharing” our experience and leaving it at that.  I’ve gotten so I don’t bother to carry on a long discussion about anything regarding the Bible.  I think, I write and I post.  I might address one concern and then respond to any question, but after that, I’m leaving it alone.  There are too many factors involved which can be enough cause for two people to not agree on any one specific point.  What we can and should agree is simply this: (1) God loves us all, (2) He died for all, and (3) He wants us all to spend eternity with Him.

Now, how we get there involves a personal relationship, governed by the Holy Spirit, and that’s pretty much it.  Hopefully and prayerfully we will find like-minded friends who can offer companionship when we are having difficulty or be able to provide the same for someone during their moments of difficulty.  But it is never necessary to box with someone.  One phrase in boxing terminology is “shadow boxing”.  So many of us are hitting shadows and never will bother to look into the Light from which the shadows are cast.

April 11, 2017