I’ve recently commented on several posts, in which this is a topic, in an attempt to get the people to be made aware of the greater danger inherent.  Now, while in a more perfect society than the one in which we exist, it would seem a good thing to be able to carry a Bible, hold prayer meeting and/or Bible studies/discussions, as was in my day; however, times-are-a-changing and we need to understand why they are.

In the early 60’s when I was attending school, the ONLY association we had of religion being a factor was when Jewish holidays came about and those particular students were excused.  Sort of made those of us who weren’t Jewish to have been, at least for those days.  Now, in some school districts, all the students are excused for “high and holy” Jewish days.  There was the “Pledge of Allegiance” with the word, “God”, being mentioned.  I think, in some cases, prayer was even offered before the beginning of the class day, I just don’t remember.  Today, there is prayer mentioned for special days like graduations, which is beginning to be phased out since what one says in the prayer is whitewashed.  Some would say the atheistic movement during the early sixties which got “God out of the School” was the beginning of the end for the school system, opening the door for what we have now, shootings and other types of violence which were not existent a generation ago.  But, do we fault taking “God” out of the school or is this a product of prophecy?  Or a combination of both?  One in which we had some control and the other we don’t.

In short, it is my belief if you wish to read your Bible in a school, make sure you’re enrolled in a parochial school where this is normal and acceptable.  However, in a public school, which is supported by civil taxes, your Bible is better kept at home.  Prayer can be done in your thoughts and needn’t be an outward expression of one’s belief or position.  Jesus, Himself, was a proponent of the separation of “Church and State”.  He practiced it and professed it because He knew what would be the result when the “church and state” joined hands.  For one, it would amount to His death, but prophecy needed to take place.  Again, one which there could have been some control but the other had to take place, and we should be thankful it did!

I’ve heard people say the United States of America was founded upon Christian principles.  While there is nothing wrong with this but it is not wholly true.  The United States was founded upon two principles:  (1) Democracy, and (2) Religious Freedom.  However, it should be noted, religious freedom comes inherently with religious restriction.  It means I’m able to practice my faith with regards and consideration for those around me who don’t.  Again, looking back at my youth, the ONLY experience regarding faiths were the Catholic which caused our cafeterias to not serve meat on Friday and the Jews who had more than their share of days off.  I always thought it strange the Catholics could control what was served on our cafeteria lines when we were in fact “public” school!  Does anyone remember any “Muslim” attending their school?  I sure don’t, and I’m talking from Kindergarten through my senior year of high school, (1961-1974).  In fact, I never even saw a Muslim or even knew what they did until I did time in the penal system.  Oh, I’m having a “slight” memory, now, remembering “bean pies” with guys dressed in bowties, but I’m talking about “real” Muslims, the ones we see and hear about today.  No doubt THAT comment will draw some controversy!

From a prophetic point of view, those of us who study and recognize the tell-tale signs of the time recognize we’re headed toward the great conflagration and it wouldn’t have mattered whether there was a Bible permitted in the school or not.  However, what we need to be made aware of is not to be focused on the “smoke-screen” and see through the smoke and mirrors the enemy has so effectively set up to keep us away from the more important subject:  “Being Ready”.

Prophetically speaking, we know the State will make inroads into the Church.  We also know the Church will make inroads into the State needing their legislative ability to enact laws which will benefit the Church.  When this is done, it will form an “image of the Beast” which the Church will have become in order to influence the world to follow their dictums, believing they’re above the State and represent God, on Earth.  As a result of this, THIS is what is called the “Time of Trouble” so many are hearing and wanting to escape.  However, to raise contention about the schools not permitting students to have access to their Bibles is a mistake.  It won’t change the condition of the school and whatever change which is necessary to affect the student should be done in an environment which is conducive to the student—the home!

In my home there was time for prayer, for Bible reading, for studying religious material, etc., to develop into the “religious-minded” citizen of the State, which will do my duty without hurting anyone and being a responsible person.  How many can say this is taking place today?  In the home?  How many parents actually sit down with their children to see their religious foundation is sound?  So why is it you wish to give the schools the responsibility, your responsibility, to have done which you should see to it is accomplished in your home?


Again, and I need to make this emphatically clear, we do not exist in a utopia or ideal society where everybody is joining hands and singing, “Kum Ba Yah”.  While the world is beginning to look worse and worse, and it seems the churches, different faiths are coming together, dispelling former beliefs which separated them, THIS is the concern we should have.  For many of us our scope is too small and we are not able to see the bigger picture of what is really happening.  While you’re looking at that one student and the report of him not being able to read his Bible in school and the “mean” teacher speaking to his parents, I’m seeing how all this is inflaming the people to want to “March on Washington”, when the march should be taking place in the home and in the church, to provide that student with a comfortable and more suitable place for his specialized education in Christian matters SHOULD take place.

Let’s leave the algebra, biology and chemistry in the school and let’s leave the Bible, quarterlies and prayer meetings in the home.  I guarantee if you promote the welfare of the student in this regard, preparing them steadily and consistently in the home and church, the school environment will have taken care of itself.  Their understanding of Scripture will have been so profound, led by the Holy Spirit, where the instruction would be that of my own mother as I was going to school and learning about evolution.  She taught us to answer the questions in the expected manner and then write alongside, “I don’t believe a word of it!”  Why?  Because I would already know the truth and THAT would make me free.


May 16, 2015


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