There will be many who claim, “Bible Only” as their rule in life for understanding anything having to do with their religious beliefs.  While this is a valiant statement, the fact remains, it cannot be true!  It cannot be true and you understand “present truth”.  Now, it should BE TRUE, your ultimate guide and comfort comes from the Word of God, or more specifically, the Bible; however, God hasn’t stopped there.  Let’s discuss this.

The Bible was completed about the year 95 A.D. with the last writings of John.  It doesn’t matter they were not compiled into a one-stop ready source as we have today.  The truth of the matter is, upon the death of the Apostles corruption began to creep into the church.  If you don’t believe it, examine Revelation chapters two and three.  Christ states it so Himself.  Christ’s church became polluted.  It organized itself into an “apostate” church having left its first love—the truth!  Later, it became adjoined with the civil authorities and as a result, conscience was legislated, threatenings of expulsion was promulgated and like the Jewish church, the Christian church accepted and adopted fables; customs and traditions which had no bearing nor could be found as a foundational principle according to Scripture.  It became tainted, a lot of what was thought Biblical became Biblical because if you are looking for something in order to prove your error you will find it, even in the Bible!  Look at the recent approved conflict regarding homosexual marriage which their proponents use Scripture claiming “love” to be the only rule in life allowing for acceptance for an error in belief.

Christ’s church then began teaching the commandments of men having gotten rid of the Commandments of God.  As a result, a false sabbath, Sunday, became introduced.  The Bible was restricted, and as according to prophecy in Revelation 11, the understanding of it would be enshrouded until a later time, for 1,260 years!  However, even during this time, there were small groups of people who held on to a proper understanding of Scripture even during these centuries of conflict, confusion and misconception.

Then the Reformation began.  A return to God’s Word, the Bible, rose in obscurity and from this effort there rose another movement which would direct God’s church back to the Bible and this would be the “Spirit of Prophecy”.  We are indebted to men like William Miller who through tried and tested provings would develop the most important understanding to occur in 1844 regarding the Sanctuary service.  He was reading the same Bible everyone else was given but it was he who was given the message to give to the world.  We are indebted to another man, Uriah Smith, who developed the scholarly work “Daniel and the Revelation” which helped explain “trumpets, seals and woes”.  Again, this was already contained in the Bible and others have read it, but his explanation, given by God, opened the mind to appreciating the Sacred Word.  And not to be undone by man, we became indebted this time to a woman named Ellen G. White, who has given so much truth, so much understanding with the purpose of opening the Scriptures further and enlightening those who desire a deeper understanding.  It became a direct fulfillment of Scripture prophecy found in Revelation 12:17.

While these individuals, and several more, have contributed so much to our understanding the truth need to be told:  although they were gotten, from the Bible, because of God’s provision to clear mistake and understandings, people had to read their material so they could properly understand the Bible, so to say the “Bible Only” becomes a contradiction and needs to be corrected because truthfully, and I’ll admit and perhaps you should, too, if it were left only for me to still be reading the Bible and the “Bible only” I would probably still be a Baptist preacher or a Church of God In Christ preacher who have not been given, rather, who have not taken the opportunity to be exposed to the “lesser light” which God has given ONLY to His remnant church for the purpose of enlightening the world to bring them out of the darkness of the Dark Ages.

To deny the gift God has given His church in the past 160 years in order we may understand the Bible is to deny the church, the remnant, and outside of this you’ve misplaced your salvation, and must heed the call to “Come out of her, My people.”  Because sadly the case remains, you haven’t fully came out and need to do so.  Because God’s true church will be believers of not ONLY the “Bible only” but also believers of the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy.  I don’t know about you, when I enter my home, I turn on the switch which allows me to see somewhat, but I also go throughout the house and turn on the other switches, why?  To fully illumine my home.  The same takes place in the religious realm.  Many are trying to turn on the switch to the greater light not having learned how to appreciate the lesser light to find it!


September 9, 2015