One of the major reasons why the Bible is puzzling to so many is because we tend to “specialized”, which makes us become “generalized”, and never comprehend the truth in “totality”.  I’m sure you know these people.  There are those who only focus on the Old Testament, while others focus on the New Testament.  There are those who only read the Psalms and Proverbs, while others will attempt to master the Book of Acts and the Pauline writings.  You have others who will only focus on Revelation and Daniel, and still many who will focus on the four Gospels.  Others in offering instruction to newcomers advise them to begin reading the Gospel of John, which boggles my mind because any book most people know is to read from the beginning.  Any wonder why the first three words of the Bible are, “In the beginning…”!

So, while our reading and comprehending becomes fragmented, is it any wonder there are debates, arguments and accusations of ignorance?  Let’s make it simple.  Have you ever heard children, or adults for that matter debate over “The Three Bears” or “Little Red Riding Hood”?  Nooo, it is a given.  You started from the beginning, read the complete story, and that’s it.  There’s no discussion about what one did as opposed to the other, or to suggest what was really done.  So, why should a more complex book be difficult if we would only practice the principles we learned as children?  And let me throw this in:  In those simpler times we had our parents and teachers to guide us.  Today, we have the Holy Spirit, the Master Teacher, and yet we find ourselves so confused and involved in so many debates, when there is only one Holy Spirit and He never teaches contradictions or confusion.

The answer:  Many of us never truly read from the beginning until the end, and we don’t have the Master Teacher instructing, so we’re on these Facebook pages, debating and arguing over Biblical subjects for which there is only one answer, the Truth!  This is key:  If you don’t know the truth, no matter how many points you use, no matter how many references you will cite, it can never be truth, when your knowledge is fragmented and you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding you, doing His job, “guiding you into ALL truth!”

You can NEVER get the whole contextual understanding of Scripture when you are reading it out of context.  You will never get the full understanding if you are attempting to read it in pieces.  This is why those who KNOW the truth will listen to your fragmented understanding, will offer guidance and then back away gently from the table in hopes you will get the point, because it is pointless to continue talking to you if you wish to maintain your fragmented understanding of important subjects such as “end-time events” or the “Sabbath” or other such pertinent points of Scripture.

So, since you have the greatest book ever written, and the only one given God’s blessing and called, “Holy”, begin by opening from the beginning and don’t stop, don’t be tempted to pass over what you don’t think is significant because if it was not important God would not have it written.  And then when you have come to the end of Revelation, it will be a revelation of what God wants you to understand.  And once you’ve completed reading, would you like to know where to begin?  Again…

…in the beginning!

FEBRUARY 4, 2016