Christ having just been baptized, along with John and a few others who stood nearby heard these words, “This is my beloved Son.”  And not long after, now here is the accuser, Satan, standing before Him asking the question, “Art thou His Son?” There is so much in those words which proves to be a good lesson for many of us.  I won’t go through the story for you can read it; however, let me bring out the truth, the lesson we need as we approach the coming days of Christ’s soon return.

We know Satan will not only bring accusations against God’s people but he will also try to cause doubt in the mind of God’s people.  Now, this should be enough proof of who we are when this is happening; however, there will be that nagging instance when we feel it our duty to establish ourselves, to provide proof of who we are, in Christ, by doing something.  The key to overcoming the temptation is to remember what did Christ do when challenged by Satan?  He didn’t have to turn those stones into bread, which would have served a good purpose, but He stood His ground upon what He first heard, “THIS IS MY BELOVED SON.”  He did allow doubt to enter into His mind.  There could not be an instance of having any second thoughts.

In 1994, that July 4th evening, I asked the Lord to save me.  His voice said, “If I can send you somewhere, will you go?”  I agreed to do whatever He wanted and less than twenty-four hours, I went, literally, to the next step of my life, from the life of sorrow, addiction and pain.  He asked, I agreed, and something happened as evidence of His question.  This is something I reflect on often and when I begin to doubt, question or have “second thoughts”, I remember that time with Him and it gives me the courage, the strength, the direction I need to continue forward no matter what is before me.

He’s spoken to me since then, which has given me indication I’m still going in the direction He’s leading.  This I can never doubt as I am seeing the fulfillment of my request to Him.  He’s still leading and I’m still following to the ultimate goal of being saved, which should be all of our goals, second to none.

DO NOT harbor second thoughts of what God is doing in your life.  You, yourself, may not be having these second thoughts but could be the thoughts Satan is putting into your mind.


January 28, 2015


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