While on my morning’s meditative walk, I thought about something I found interesting.  Are you aware there are four different arks in the Bible?  Of course, we’re most familiar with Noah’s Ark, and although it is the first mention in Gen. 6:14, it is not the only one.

The second ark we encounter is that of Moses.  Gen 2:3, where he is placed “within” an ark to protect him from drowning and to keep him covered.  Later, this very same Moses would be instructed, by God, to make on Earth a copy, the 3rd one, of the Ark, the 4th one of the Bible, which is in Heaven.  Exo. 25:10 & Rev. 11:19.  (Read the verses, don’t just believe me.)

Now, the interesting thing is, as in the case of Noah and his family, Moses, and now us in these last days, we need to get into the “Ark” of safety in order to be saved.  What was placed INSIDE the Ark of the Testament, also called the “Ark of the Covenant”?  The Testament, of course!  Not a hard question.  The Testament is also called the Ten Commandments.  John, who wrote the last book of the Bible, Revelation, said he saw the Ark opened, wherein is the Ten Commandment, from which we are to be judged.  This is currently going on right now, although it was a future understanding during the time he, John, was shown this in 95 AD.

Please, Friends, DO NOT be persuaded by those who believe and would profess that there is no longer any Ten Commandments to be under.  There is.  John was witness.  The same message given to Noah during his time is really the same message for us during these last days, “Better get into the ‘ark’ of safety before it is too late.”

The storm which is coming, you really don’t want to be a part of it.  Get into the ark!


August 20, 2014


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