I’m coming to understand the purpose of “witness” when it comes to the Gospel of Christ.  Apparently, there are two types:  “passive” and “aggressive”.  Christ exemplified both, by His conversations with those who challenged Him and the most trying of all witness was during the time of His being judged and crucified.  The song says, “He never said a mumbling word.”  Yet, upon His breath having left Him for that last time, there were those about the cross which confessed, “He truly was the Son of God!”

Daily, I get those who wish to challenge me regarding the Sabbath and other issues, but mostly it’s the Sabbath.  When I consider all the “fuel” which causes these individuals the desire to refute it, it only means they have an understanding about it!  It is not up to me to “convince” them.  That’s the Holy Spirit’s job, but my job is to continue being that “passive” witness by sharing truth and living truth.  As Moses was told, “they’re not against you, they’re against Me!”  There is no need for debate.  Make truth plain for others to see and leave it with God to continue watering the seed.

It humors me there are those who will post comments to my post thinking it will draw me out.  Why?  What would be served by the point?  I’ve given you the Word, now, it’s up to you to decide if you will examine and follow, or continue seeking those who you wish to confuse, as you are.

The beauty of reaching this level of maturation in Christ is the groundedness I have. After what I’ve gone through, I’m grateful to have found my way and will not be shaken from it.  The Bible says, “they overcame by their testimony…”  When I was a young man and carried to Wednesday Prayer Meeting and heard the testimony of the “old saints”, my thoughts were, “that’s a testimony!”  You had a headache and didn’t know if you could go to work!”  That’s it!  My goodness, take an aspirin and get to work!  I prayed for the Lord to “give” me a testimony.

I didn’t know what I was asking.  I surely now would never pray that prayer having gone through what I have, but I do have a testimony and I don’t hesitate to share it.  All the shame, doom and gloom, but it is mine.  Christ met me in ways I have no doubt.  He’s spoken to me which I cannot doubt.  Whatever testimony those “old saints” might have had, now I understand, it was enough for them, but I have one which bears telling when given the opportunity.  That’s why I can stand and shout, “I SHALL NOT BE MOVED!”

I’m grateful for my grandparents, on both sides, having come into this great truth.  I appreciate my parents having instructed me to study and ensure my being exposed to church, the fellowshipping with friends which now are life-long friends, positive friends, you know who you are.  And new friends, which I will meet in the Kingdom.  And those who wish to contend with me, well, my prayer is that you will shut your mouth, read, learn and listen, for the time is short.

This is my witness.


August 10, 2014


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