I’m not sure what’s going on in our churches today but I DO KNOW what is going on social media regarding the general consensus of Seventh Day Adventist.  There is NO general consensus, if you took too long to answer.  If I went to anyone’s classroom, in a school, and asked the question, and it doesn’t matter the grade or year, and simply asked, “What is 2 plus 2?”  I would get only one answer.  And those who attempt at giving another answer, well, those are the “special” kids who probably rode on that “special” bus.  It appears we have a lot of “special” members!

No, seriously, have you read some of the things people comment on matters of doctrine?  Have you noticed what this one states and what that one states and all the “states” which are in between?  You’d have enough “states” to make a country but there would be nothing “united” bringing them together!  And, that’s a doggone shame, I would say.  This is why I have entitled this post, “Before the Upper Room”, because this is where we are as a church.  We are still bashing, arguing, debating and yeah, some of us are even cussing each other out, simply because there can be no consensus, but wait, all in the “name of the Lord, right?”

You would have to wonder what is going on within this “remnant” church of God.  Most have been instructed, I’m talking about the pastors now, from the same university but there is a diversity of teaching.  We all read the same Bible, well, most of us anyhow, the King James Version, but it hardly sound as if we are.  Last time I went into a ABC (Adventist Book Center), there were the same EGW books on the shelf and they’re the same digital version I use, but it seems we are all quoting and coming up with different understandings.  If it is the same spirit, the Holy Spirit, who is to guide “us” into, what? ALL TRUTH, then why is it that there appears to be no guide at all?  And truth?  Many of us are pulling a Pilot number when he asked Jesus, “What is truth?”  If I asked five people the same question, I would get five different answers.

Revelation 14 speaks about the “Three Angel’s Messages”; however, if you hear us tell it, there are more than three versions and more than three messages.  So many times someone will send me an inbox, “Bro. Roy, could you explain about…”, and my answer generally is, “Have you read the Bible?”, “Have you read the Spirit of Prophecy?”  “Why are you asking social media your question when the Holy Spirit is waiting to provide the answer?  Did you bother to ask Him?”  It is getting so, even I’m finding it difficult to trust someone to give me the truth, I could count on one hand, and this should never be.

We’re told soon we’re going to be hit with the “Latter Rain”.  Now, does that mean one storm or each getting one drop, coming away with as many points?  I’d like to think we would be hit by “one” storm, having “one” message.  I would like to think the 144,000 means a perfect number of people having a perfect message to give to an imperfect world.  And not an imperfect world having to decipher an imperfect message, given by imperfect people from a perfect God!

No one talks much about when they all got into the “Upper Room” and what took place from the very beginning.  What we do know is what happened when they threw the doors open and came out and the effect it had on anyone standing nearby.  Makes me wonder how many “uppercuts” and “right crosses” were thrown before everybody threw in the towel and decided to show some love.

Ahhh, maybe that’s the answer:  love.  Maybe this is what will get us together.  So, can we begin showing some of that now, please?

July 13, 2017