In reading my morning’s devotions, I came across these three paragraphs.  Take time to read the importance and then I’ll share with you what occurred:

“The Bible is our guide in the safe paths that lead to eternal life. God has inspired men to write that which will present the truth to us, which will attract, and which, if practiced, will enable the receiver to obtain moral power to rank among the most highly educated minds. The minds of all who make the Word of God their study will enlarge. Far more than any other study, this is of a nature to increase the powers of comprehension, and endow every faculty with new vigor. It brings the mind in contact with broad, ennobling principles of truth. It brings us into close connection with all heaven, imparting wisdom, and knowledge, and understanding.

“In dealing with commonplace productions, and feeding on the writings of uninspired men, the mind becomes dwarfed and cheapened. It is not brought into contact with deep, broad principles of eternal truth. The understanding unconsciously adapts itself to the comprehension of the things with which it is familiar; and in the consideration of these things the understanding is weakened, its powers contracted.

“God designs that the Scriptures, the source of science that is above all human theory, shall be searched. He desires that man shall dig deep in the mines of truth, that he may gain the valuable treasure they contain. But too often human theories and wisdom are put in the place of the science of the Bible. Men engage in the work of remodeling God’s purposes; they try to distinguish between the books of the Bible. Through their inventions they make the Scriptures testify to a lie.”

Yesterday, I came across a post on a friend’s timeline which was questionable at best.  I responded.  I was responded to apparently by the person involved in the posted material which was on my friend’s timeline.  This resulted in a discussion which then ended when this person indicated their view regarding the faith which is held by God’s people, giving me clear evidence they’re dangerous and I needed to back away.

There is a group of people who in their zeal to get “light” are actually opening chasms of light which appears to be bright but is leading in the wrong direction.  As Eve how that worked out for her!  Now true, we are told “additional light” would be given to God’s people prior to Christ’s second coming, but I need to make this clear, this “additional light” would enhance what has already been given, not change it completely from the established belief.  In other words, if this so-called “light” is different than what was originally given, one or two things are apparent:  the old was a lie or the new light is!  In either case, I want no parts of it.

Our salvation is at stake.  When people search for the purposes of gaining truth, how many are actually discarding truth because they have a need to come up with something different and exciting?  There’s an old negro spiritual which says, “Gimme Dat Ol Time Religion”, and I’m beginning to see the wisdom of this.  Because truly if it was good enough for my father, it is certainly good enough for me.


August 26, 2014


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