Nobody likes the law.  Think about it.  Whatever we want to do there seem to be a law prohibiting us from being able to do it without having to face some sort of consequences.  When I was a drug addict, I liked to do drugs.  There’s no secret about that.  I LOVED doing drugs, but I didn’t like the consequences of drugs, on two points:  (1) What it was doing to me when I got away with doing it, and (2) What the law would do to me as a result of doing drugs.  Interesting how I was never in prison for the actual procuring, use or trafficking.  However, I visited the “big house”, several times, because drugs were involved in my stealing, as the end goal of getting money from whatever I could steal to get drugs.  So, does it make sense to do away with the law of theft?  Sure, as an addict, a law-breaker, I would have appreciated but if it was your stuff I was stealing, it would be a different story, am I right?

This is the problem when discussing God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, when different religious faiths believe God’s Law was done away at the cross.  Was it because God’s Law was no good?  Was there anything wrong with it which needed to be done away with, or was it a good tool to measure people’s progress?  How would you know how you would measure without having some guide to do so?  Even Christ used the Ten Commandments as a rule of life.  He recommended it to many in order for them to know how to achieve salvation.  I can think of one person who asked Him how to obtain eternal life.  Didn’t Jesus say, in short, “Keep the Commandments of God”?  If they were done away with, or were going to be done away with because of His imminent death, why would He have bothered to mention them or at the very least introduce an amendment to change it, which, by the way, He could not!  God’s Law cannot be changed, altered or discarded.  It stands for all time.  Past, present and future.

Now, there is one being who is God’s rival and hated God’s Law.  He would do anything to have nothing to do with them, calling them unfair, not necessary especially in a place like heaven when there was nothing but perfection and good!  Well, we saw what happened because of that, didn’t we?  The same argument he used there, many Christians are using here and will receive the same results for having the same thoughts as their father, the devil.  Yep, I surely did say that!

You cannot do away with the only measure of one’s Christianity.  You cannot do away with what the angels in heaven, the populace in other planets continue to maintain.  You cannot do away with what will be the rule in the New Earth.  Now, it is safe to say those who have problem with God’s Law will not have to concern themselves with any of them, as they have chosen not to have anything to do with them now.  Love doesn’t replace God’s Law.  Love is how we keep God’s Law.  Tell me, if the Law of God was done away with as many preachers preach and many parishioners believe, then why is it the very last chapter of the Bible speaks about it being the method whereby gets us into the Kingdom?  Why would John bother writing it some 60 years after Christ left?  If anybody would know, wouldn’t he?

So, where did the change come?  Who started it and has caused many generations to think such a thing?  Well, that’ll require another post, but do your research.  Anything or anybody who would tell you that keeping God’s Law is not necessary, you would do yourself a favor by leaving their presence immediately if they are not willing to listen to reason.  Do away with God’s Law, you have anarchy.  This is what always occur in any civilization of creation.


October 2, 2015