The word, “aversion”, came across loud and clear when I remembered a time many, many years ago. I was made to remember when I came across this paragraph. Perhaps you can relate:

“Their understandings were darkened. They were void of all saving knowledge; yea, ignorant of many things concerning God which the light of nature might have taught them. They sat in darkness, and they loved it rather than light: and by their ignorance they were alienated from the life of God.  They were estranged from, and had a dislike and aversion to, a life of holiness, which is not only that way of life which God requires and approves, and by which we live to Him, but which resembles God Himself, in His purity, righteousness, truth, and goodness.”

I was invited to share a meal with the family of a young lady I liked.  I had known her father for many years and served as an elder, with him.  Her mother was known for her singing and warmth.  Now, I will attempt to keep this family anonymous because many of them are on my friend’s list and they will perhaps know who they are.  I can remember sitting at their table and right away noticed the condiment used for the salad.  It was a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, not the “Kraft” or “Wishbone” brand I was accustomed and I need to mention their ketchup and mayonnaise was not something bought from “Hunts” or “Kraft” either!  It was home-made.

The bread was freshly made and no meat on the table.  Thinking back, I cannot recall there being even vegetarian meat, so-called, at least not from the beloved Loma Linda company, and I don’t think Morningstar was even around at that time.  While I was glad to be accepted as a house-guest, especially for the young lady I was wanting to court, I began having feelings of discomfort.  I began noticing other areas of their life which brought me, well, more “aversion” and it made me rethink my true interest in her because of what I was experiencing:  godliness!

While she went on to become a successful physician, I went on to live my life of rebellion.  You see, good and bad cannot ever mix and it is only by contrast was I able to see who I really was, not the façade I wanted everyone to see me as being.  God has a way to show us about ourselves, and if we are truly honest about ourselves, will come to realize there is something wrong with “me” and not “them” simply because of any aversion regarding them, for the aversion is not directed to them who are living godlike, but toward God Himself.

Perhaps you have already encountered this directly or you have been the cause of it to someone else.  Is it any wonder when you wish to bring up godly subjects the person(s) choose to find it convenient to do something else?  They’re not averse to you but of “Whom” you are bringing into their lives.  Some people just cannot handle the truth and it bothers them and makes them feel uncomfortable.  You don’t even have to say one word but it is your life which is the problem.  The Good Book said there would be “enmity” between God’s people and that of the enemy.  The word “enmity” is downright hatred, but before there is hate there is discomfort, better word, “aversion”.  When someone is undergoing such, they cannot hear you.  They’re too involved in their own mess to hear your message.  In fact, you needn’t say a word because the mere fact they’re experience discomfort means they’ve already been witnessed to, and now it is out of your hands and in that of the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do.  So, get out of the way and let Him.

There will be those who will have nothing positive to say about you no matter what you say, sing, write or do.  They will always be attempting to take you down, to their level, if it were possible.  However, nine times out of ten, if they don’t become converted, they will make certain not to be in your path and that’s fine.  You’ve done your part and there are others who need to experience you, and the God within you.

April 5, 2017