I like these quotations:

“Unusquisque mavult credere quam judicare”—Seneca.  It means: Things are taken upon trust, and never examined.


“Indeista tanta coacervatio aliorum super alios ruentium—De Vitâ Beatâ.  And this means: Hence crowds fall upon crowds, in vast confusion.

From the eyes of a child, one who is regularly exposed to church, perhaps after the school’s classroom teacher is the preacher who becomes their first ideal of what they want to be when they grow up.  In my early years, preachers were awesome.  They got to sit in the middle chair on a pulpit whose back was higher than the others.  They regularly wore robes and people would listen and often comment loudly when something is said which is pleasing.  Hence, many a lad grows up thinking, “This is what I want to be.”  Sadly, many of these young men grow up to become preachers without further considering the consequences, pretty much as a child doesn’t!  This was me in my early years.  I did eventually get that middle seat, the robes and people listened and “cheered” me on when I said something which struck a chord within them; but, it is only now when I recognize the awesome responsibility of what it is I had done and it makes me quite sober, today, so I’m not as quick to take that middle chair anymore!

When a surgeon performs surgery, the life of the patient is at stake.  When a pastor performs his work, the “eternal” life of the patient is at stake.  Here is a newsflash for you:  “If your pastor doesn’t know what he is doing or talking about, you don’t get exemption credits.  He is headed toward hell and he’s taking you along for the ride!”  And, you didn’t even get a chance to sit in the middle seat nor got the chance to put on one of those pretty robes, either!  You lost, twice!

I’ve always believed my soul salvation was too precious to entrust it—solely—in the hands of another man, and nowadays, a woman.  I know God has called and gifted some into the ministry but how can I be certain the one who is heading the church I attend is one of those so called?  How many of you listening to the preacher are familiar enough with your Bible so you are able to detect the subtle errors?  I hear many blatant ones but I’m talking about the doctrinal errors which you could not possibly know having not studied for yourself.  How do you know for sure your pastor is sure?  I have had on some occasions sought the pastor, after the service, and had him prove to me a particular point I questioned and I can tell you this, I’ve not always been too pleased with the answer!  Nobody, let me repeat, “Nobody” gets Carte Blanc where my soul-salvation is concerned.

Now, listen carefully and closely to this:  While I may consider going to a doctor who cannot kick his three pack a day cigarette habit, who is dying of lung cancer, because he recognize his problem and is more than qualified to tell me to quit and help me.  Or, I might consider going to a dentist who has the most raggedy looking teeth because it’s too late to salvage his but he knows how precious they are and willing to guide me to not be like him, or her.  But, I will not consider a pastor who is already headed to hell, shows no remorse or desire to improve themselves and reform, or desire conversion, or worse still, “thinks” there is nothing wrong with the person they are!  Nope, I wouldn’t be found in their pews.

Time on this earth is very short.  How much shorter is it for our individuals lives?  Will you be here to read whatever it is I might write tomorrow?  Or, will I be here tomorrow to write something which you who lives will be able to read?  We just don’t know, do we?  So, it would make sense for those of us who are still here to take each precious moment we have and check and double-check those we put before us and make certain they’re on the mark because if they aren’t, well, you’ve just wasted a bunch of time and could have been doing some really great sin since you were going to be paying permanently for it anyway!


April 21, 2015


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