“Satan has come down in these last days, to work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. His satanic majesty works miracles in the sight of false prophets, in the sight of men, claiming that he is indeed Christ Himself. Satan gives his power to those who are aiding him in his deceptions; therefore those who claim to have the great power of God can only be discerned by the great detector, the law of Jehovah. The Lord tells us if it were possible they would deceive the very elect. The sheep’s clothing seems so real, so genuine, that the wolf cannot be discerned only as we go to God’s great moral standard and there find that they are transgressors of the law of Jehovah.”

No one likes to be deceived or to think they’ve been deceived regarding anything they find as a basis for their life.  No one wants to find out what they’ve believed all these many years was actually not true.  They also want to believe because “God” is called, or “associated” with whatever they’re a part of, this would be enough to protect them, even if what they believe is in error.

Unfortunately, that’s another lie!

The question needs to be asked, if the quotation is true, and I happen to believe it is:  “If you reject God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, which is the ONLY way to determine what is false, then how will you be able to detect if satan is leading you in the wrong way?”  Do you think God will step in and do more than He has already if you have already rejected what He’s given?  Why would He find it necessary to do this when He’s already given you what is necessary to determine what is right or wrong?  God doesn’t work against Himself, nor does He do more than what He has already done for the salvation of men and women.

I know I would definitely be rocked to my core if in the end of time I found out the belief I maintained was incorrect.  Personally, because I am living my life, read my Bible, pray and have fellowship with the believers, I have no right to think God would make all I’ve done worthwhile if it were possible to know the truth but I hadn’t taken the time to do it.  To research.  To investigate.  To then accept the Truth willing to leave the lie I was worshipping.

Those words which Jesus will speak, “I never knew you” will have to be the worse sounding words anyone can possibly hear to know all they’ve done was wasted.  To think their worship was worthless, but the fact remains, many, no, the majority will hear these words all because they rejected God’s Law, the Ten Commandments and following the tradition of man, which is built upon satanic influences.  Friends, we cannot all be right, especially if we are not adhering to the Word of God, more specifically His Ten Commandments.  No wonder satan wants church people to believe the lies regarding the Ten Commandments that they’re no longer valid or relative to the Christian experience.  You see, if he can get you to turn a blind eye to God’s Truth, then you will no doubt follow the lie he’s prepared to ensnare you!

The fact you are meeting, worshipping and congregating in houses of so-called worship on Sunday morning should get you investigating the Bible because there is nowhere found in Scripture where God commands, suggests or even pretends to make Sunday any day more than any regular day of the week, but He does command that we keep the Sabbath day holy.  So, how can you expect to have God’s favor in your worship and in your life when you are already deceived and going against His pronounced Word, which came forth from His mouth and later His finger?

Don’t concern yourself about being deceived later when you’re already deceived now!


February 26, 2015


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