…Or, is your church?

The reason why so many of you are not able to understand prophecy is because you’re confused as to when the simplest of foundational understanding takes place:  The beginning of a day!  So, if I were to ask you when does a day begin, and you say, “Midnight”, then you’re obviously locked into traditional beliefs which resulted from Rome, which is the seat of Babylon.  Remember, Rome is divided into two parts:  (pagan) and (papal).  We’re living in the time of “papal” Rome, which came out of “pagan” Rome which explain why many of you do what you do!  I’ll name just two or three:  (1) You keep Sunday holy versus keeping God’s day, Saturday, (2) You keep other feasts and holidays which were never mentioned in the Bible to observe and you can give no good reason why except, “we have always done it”, or “I thought everybody did it”, or “there’s nothing wrong with doing it!”  That’s the worse of explanations anyone can give:  doing something without knowing why you are doing it!

What does the Bible have to say about the beginning of a day?

“And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” Gen 1:5 (KJV)

God made the day which followed the darkness was, therefore in God’s computing of time, which He so ordained and set in place was that “evening (darkness) and “then” the morning (light) would constitute the day.”  For many, thinking the way God meant will be troublesome when it is thinking the way of satan, which we have become accustom is so much easier.  Isn’t it?  Simply put, the darkness of the day is followed by the light and not the other way around.  Two times out of the whole calendar year most of you get it right because before Christmas Day is Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve is followed by New Year’s Day, and by the way, both are the result of Rome’s traditions which so many of you grasp ahold so lovingly and have the biggest celebrations, when God’s true people actually have nothing to do with either one of them!

So, if your pastor or church teaches the day begins at midnight, they’re going against the Bible and their understanding of prophecy has to be skewed because if they have not figured out the rudiment of understanding time, then how could they possibly instruct you in future events and understanding?  It cannot possibly happen.

You must keep in mind, Jewish men were inspired and wrote the Bible and if you try understanding it from an American, or Filipino or any other kind of perception, you will get it all wrong again and again.  To understand prophecy one must think like the people it was written by, and for.  However, you and I, who were once “Gentiles” have been grafted into the trunk (Christ), and because it has already been written, it is not going to change because of who we are.  This is why we come to be known as “spiritual” Jews, not “literal” because I cannot and I’m sure you cannot trace your roots back to either of the twelve tribes of Israel, most of us coming from either Japheth or Ham and not Shem, but it does not mean because we are not derived from Shem’s roots, we have no part of his gift to all mankind:  Christ.  And Christ didn’t come to change the laws of God, and the most obvious one of those laws is the law of time:  How the days are reckoned and what day to keep holy.  They both still stand.  If you don’t believe it, just look outside and you’re able to tell what day it is.  You see, Adam and Eve were not given Timex or Rolexes so they could not tell when midnight would occur, but they could easily see, like you and I today, whether there was a sun in the sky or not.  And, when the sun sat in the western sky, which they could tell the compass points easily because of the setting sun, they knew the day they first lived, albeit a few short hours would bring them to the beginning of the newest day, and the most special, The Sabbath Day, and they kept that day with God, because He said so.


August 9, 2016