No, I’m not speaking about “Skittles”, but I am speaking about the “Latter Rain”.  This is a topic which has been floating around in my head.  I began researching online, and not found anything suitable.  I even went to the Ellen White site and the search feature kept searching without producing results.  This is telling me the Lord wants me to write what He gives me and not what others may think because it is what we think, have thought about it, which is now moving at a faster pace than when we first believed.  Let me explain.

About two years ago, I encountered a brother who posted the “Latter Rain” began falling some time ago.  I disagreed and went against him, well, as normally because of my nature, very strongly.  Now, I’ve come to the realization, I was wrong!  VERY wrong, in fact.  Here it is, as I’m studying more deeply than ever before in my life, and I’m learning the Latter Rain IS falling, so we need to be out there receiving it and “catch” the rainbow which results when God rains upon His people.  Now, the enemy has devised his own rainbow and let’s not get confused regarding it.  Sadly, even within my own friends, some well-meaning Adventists have caught the wrong rainbow regarding the LGTB movement, and are even bringing that mess within the sanctity of the church!  Friends, that’s the wrong rainbow we should be catching.  Now, let’s talk about the “Latter Rain” experience, rather, “movement”.

I believed, and defending, the Latter Rain would be typical of the “Early Rain”, which is taught in the Book of Acts, and would fall upon the last generation of Christ’s church as it had fell on the first generation.  In this, I was correct, but where I was wrong was in thinking it would be exactly the same.  Now, get this:  I believe(d) it would take place JUST BEFORE the National Sunday Law would be enforced.  Duh, ain’t this that time BEFORE the National Sunday Law?  It most certainly is.  Acts mentions in the first experience, there would be men speaking in “tongues” which they had not learned or knew.  Is this taking place today within God’s church?  It is!  Let’s explain how.

The “remnant” church of God is going through it’s “Laodicean” experience.  Go back and review Rev. 3 for your primer.  What this basically says is for this present church, they believe what they have received is all there is needed in order to be saved.  They’ve closed down their desire to learn more.  Well, think about it, when you believe you are self-sufficient, there is no “need” to do anything more.  We could not be further from the truth, and this is what God is presenting today, “present truth” which needs to be given, first, like Christ said to His Disciples, to the “Jews” or His “spiritual Israel” (Adventist), then “Judea” (nominal churches) and then “Samaria” (the rest of the world).  However, many Adventist haven’t a clue about “present truth” and what they hear sounds strange to them because they haven’t heard it before (tongues), and so they’re shutting their ears, which should be opened, to hear!  They don’t want to hear or accept anything other than what they’ve been taught.  Ohhhh, I KNOW this experience because I was caught within the same attitude.  I even blocked people who shared with me because I was a “staunch” believer of the GC (General Conference) structure EVEN THOUGH I KNEW there would come trouble within the structure and we’re seeing it quite apparent today.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, and I’ve used it, too, “A remnant from the remnant”.  As much as I don’t like it now I’m beginning to see how this is so true because I’m seeing it!  Out of the Protestant Reformation God brought the Adventist, the Seventh Day Adventist, to be more specific.  And now it appears out of the Seventh Day Adventists, He is bringing a purified Adventists, still with the Seventh Day objective, but the focus is also on the “Second Coming”, because certain things must take place.  We got the seventh day part down pat, but it is the events which take place BEFORE the second coming we need to hone up on.  THIS is what PRESENT TRUTH does.  It sheds light, “tongues of fire” upon those who are watching and learning, so they’re able to see and correlate what is taking place not only in the secular world, like politics, but within the spiritual realm, of God’s church and other churches besides.

The message of the 4th Angel is one of power, even greater than that of the 3rd Angel and THIS is the LATTER RAIN which needs to begin falling and will swell with “great power” to be given to a world which is rapidly headed toward eternal damnation.  Did I say world?  I also wish to add, “church” which is rapidly headed toward eternal damnation, too.

We need to be opened to Scripture and what is being shown to us by God’s Spirit.  Daniel 11 is being revealed in such a way which is both awesome and profound.  Why?  Because we always had it with us, but we’ve not understood the fruit which is sprouting today.  Sprouting because of new falling “Latter Rain”.  Why?  Because we are NOW living in the time of these events which are making the words of Scripture alive!  This is so exciting, to me.  Revelation is speaking more clearly in light of what is being taught by Daniel and we need to get some of those books like Uriah Smith and the Great Controversy of dusty shelves and read them again in the “present light” of today, and stop using the “former light” we had.

And unless we do this, we, too, will be just as guilty as those who never knew anything or worse, those who rejected truth, and have our chest poked out saying, “Lord, didn’t we do thus and thus in Your name?” and to hear those fateful words, “I never knew you!”

March 11, 2017