I’m always amazed when I run into “one of those”, um, Adventist, who I question, rather, didn’t answer according to some playbook I hadn’t purchased, and I guess I should have, from the local ABC.  For those not knowing, “Adventist Book Center”, and they seem to have learned how to respond, “Are you a true Adventist?”  Am I a “true” Adventist as opposed to what?  A “false” Adventist?  How about this one a pastor tossed, at me, earlier in my day, a “fake” Adventist!

Well, let’s see.  I can offer I’m a “third generation”, (had to explain what this meant to someone—today, too) Seventh Day Adventist.  In fact, and I computed in about 14 years there would have been Adventist in the Martin/Montfort family going on 100 years, if that’s worth anything.  I could also offer I hadn’t tasted meat until well in my teens.  I’ve read all of the Ellen G. White books not counting the seemingly endless compilations which seem to roll off the printers.  Yeah, I know, continuing to make a “profit” off the “prophet”.  I’m reading the Manuscripts now, and how about this, baptized three (3) times!  That’s right, so I guess I got the Trinity covered!

How about these points:  No, I don’t read the Sabbath Quarterly, (yep, asked about that one, too, today), and haven’t in over 30 years and I don’t see myself reading it any time soon.  I don’t attend church for personal reasons, but if you ask me I’ll share with you what those are.  My Momma taught her sons how to think, independently, so this means simply, I DO NOT agree with everything Mrs. White wrote.  I don’t often agree with some ministers and what they espouse.  I don’t agree with the liberalism creeping into the church but that’s because I’ve changed, getting older and more conservative.  They said it would happen, and it is.  I still struggle with a cup of coffee and a barbeque rib from time to time and I ain’t talking beef.  I’ve been called a “Jesuit”, too!  Wonder what they really called Jesus when He was here?  I guess He, too, would have been called a “Jesuit” had they’d been around during the time He was.  Hard to be called what comes from you, isn’t it, since you’re supposedly the originator!

It was in a Missionary Volunteers (MV) meeting in 1973 when I sat on the panel, as a sixteen year old boy, and they asked the question is it okay to have premarital sex?  I answered openly, honestly and there are witnesses today to the fact I said, “Yes.”  When asked why, I responded, “So I can know what I’m getting into.”  I was not joking.  Somebody apparently forgot to hand me the ‘ol Adventist playbook, or they could have just recorded the answer I should have given and let me hit the recorder’s button.  No need for me to speak at all!  Is there any need for any of us to speak, at all, if we’re all going to say, think and do the same thing?  If this is the case, then I want no parts of Adventism, nor of God.  I’m thankful I have a brain and use mine.  I’m thankful God knows me, while I seem to confuse others.  I’m thankful He knows how I think and what is better, He even knows how to bring me along so those parts I don’t understand or accept, I will when He’s ready because THEN He knows I’m ready, so until that time, friends, between me and God, well, that’s an ongoing, unfinished project.

He and I hope to be finished by the time He arrives.  And, by the way, only He knows when that is for both, His arrival and me being finished.  So, until then, stop asking me if I’m a “true” Adventist.  I’d just rather being a Christian.  Nothing perfect about those folks, at least, for now!


December 16, 2016