We are more than aware of the life record of Daniel.  How he manifested a life so different than that of his contemporaries, who became his enemy, so they sought to destroy his influence and his life because of their own faults, which he made quite apparent because of the life he led,

Then said these men, We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except we find it against him concerning the law of his God.” Dan 6:5 (KJV)

Today, the same situation is apparent and even more so as we approach the soon ending of all things.  People will seek and are seeking, today, to destroy one’s character, to demean and slander those who truly represent God for one particular thing which they find themselves not able nor willing to do, and that is in keeping with God’s Law.

They, those who think they’re accounted in favor with God, bring lies and accusations against God’s true followers who keep God’s Law, without wavering.  Even on Facebook, how many times have you witness myself and others, like me, who preach the Seventh Day Sabbath, a part of God’s Eternal Law, and the disparaging words used against us.  These individuals who claim to be God’s people, yet who do not follow God, have nothing good to say about us, or in fact, anything good to say about God’s Law.  Every point they raise is a direct accusation against the Great Lawgiver Himself!  Yet, they’re not able to see what they’re doing.  You’re not fighting against me and my belief, you’re fighting against God!

Like Daniel, I’ve chosen, because I cannot see it any other way, to stand against those who’ve chosen to be on the side of satan, which is indicative because of his hate for God’s Law.  He made claims that God’s people didn’t need to keep it.  It should be discarded.  Later, during our time, he’s made those who call themselves Christians to make further accusations stating God’s Law ended at the cross of Christ.  The lie regarding covenants and living under the dispensation of “grace”, and have no clue how this actually works.  They do not want to hear about the Sanctuary Service and how God’s Law will be the standard used for the judging of you and I.  You see, if they believe there is no law, there cannot be anything used against them, yet they will claim no one is perfect and a sinner, but if there is no Law, how could there be any sinner?  The Bible makes it clear sin is transgression of God’s Law!  So, no Law, no sin.  Go figure!

Daniel was placed in a lion’s den as a direct result of following God’s Law.  The Three Hebrew Young Men were cast into a fiery furnace for their unwillingness to break God’s Law.  Does it seem difficult to believe God’s people, who keep God’s Law, will not also face something in their current and present life, not to mention the coming days when persecution of those who will stand for Bible truth simply because they won’t give up God’s Law?  The time is soon to come.

Make no mistake, my friends, either you are keeping God’s Law or you are a breaker of God’s Law.  There is no medium point.  Either you are doing what God has instructed you to do, or you are on the side of satan.  Either you will be saved because you adhered to God’s Law and when you failed, the “grace” of God covered your sin, or you will be blotted out because of your sin, by discarding God’s Law saying it is not relevant for today.

God needs “Daniels” who are willing to stand for a witness of God’s Holy and Eternal Law.  The good news?  God is still taking applications.


December 16, 2014


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