I had a good conversation with my brother who believes some of my writing has been a bit condemnatory and not expressive of love.  Others have accused me of being pharisaical while others have been greatly motivated and look forward to when I post something.  One reader wrote:  “The first I do when I awaken is to check to see if you’ve written something.  Your work is my devotional reading.”  Others don’t see it that way.  Of late I have watched my friend’s list begin to decrease as I write about the hard subjects, and I write them in a way which will have the most impact.  As I told another gentleman, “If you’re looking for a ‘soft’ touch, I’m not the one.”

There are many different types of religious writers, two being an apologist or an expositor.  They are defined in this way:

An “Apologist” – a person who defends or supports something (such as a religion, cause, or organization) that is being criticized or attacked by other people, and

An “Expositor” – A person who makes a statement or rhetorical discourse intended to give information about or an explanation of difficult material

I would believe I qualify for both and often blend together in order to present what I believe is pertinent for today’s Christian experience.  I am not afraid of controversy and will admit I’m often opinionated, somewhat like a “commentator” found on your news channel.  I don’t consider myself above any other but I do believe my writing is inspired.  Perhaps not all of it, but if asked about any particular, I would have to review and then give you my assessment.

However, this needs to be made clear:  I am the sum total of my life’s experience.  I am a tool in the hand of God, given a gift, a talent, to be used to speak to those who will listen.  I am being used despite my short-comings and failures in life.  I will “defend” (apologist) my faith, my belief while at the same time I will “explain” (expositor) why I believe such even at the risk of decreasing numbers on my friend’s list.

I believe if Paul, or Daniel had Facebook they, too, would find their active readers decreasing and increasing depending upon what they have written and those following them.  While you don’t like to offend any, being offensive is not a concern.  Truth need to be told regardless of the feelings involved.  You have no idea of the many times I have written something and have been convicted of what I saw being typed on a page prior to posting.  This is when I know I am being inspired.  God is using me in spite of me, and I have to believe and accept this as I’m being used.  He’s not concerned with offending me either.

So, sure, share my work if you wish, suggest to others or unfriend if you’re not able to take the heat.  I have to do what I’m called to do, and unlike those who complain about a certain channel, I exercise my right to change the channel when it suits me.


April 27, 2015


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