I have a friend I met on Facebook more than a year ago.  It seem as if we always bumped heads when it came to discussing matters of Christianity.  During the beginning of last year, it seem the conflicts were coming fast and furious, while at the same time, I was dealing with many other issues, some from the group I manage and the other from Adventist friends who were questioning foundational truths while trying to implement other so-called truths, which are not foundational and I found myself being in a questioning position and needed a break.  So, I left the group and blocked the person so I could spend time in study, prayer and solidifying my own faith.  I didn’t know then, it would take nearly a year, but it was a good year.


Time of Trouble

Yesterday, because of the so-called, pagan holiday, “St. Valentine’s Day”, perhaps one of the most vile of all religious holidays, it surprised me to see Adventists friends, those I grew up with and even one pastor caught up in the custom.  Even the very word, “St.” should have been a clue into its origins; but nonetheless, it is explained away, justified and accepted as being a part of their lives.  I am a firm believer those who keep observance of such will be swept away because they hadn’t learned how to remain firm regarding these days, which are nothing but smaller “Sundays” which they seem to have mastered, but truth be told, the enemy is preparing their minds to reconcile the issue.  When you read of the persecution during the Middle (Dark) Ages, and to think the time ahead—soon, will be worse, let it be made clear, when your child or loved one is being tortured and it can end with your recantation of the truth, the fact you hadn’t already stood up and caved in during this time of peace, on behalf of your children, will be the catalyst for your siding with the authorities and believing God will overlook your situation, because you are under the belief He is overlooking it today!

So, my friends, I believe God allowed me to go through this time of confusion and unsettlement to become more settled and the confusion to dissipate so I could return and be a more effective tool, and “witness” in a more unique way and allow me to share how it is being done.


Indirect Witnessing

I seldom go onto anyone’s page but will see their posts in the newsfeed.  It seems my friend stays on my timeline and then writes countering messages on his page!  Now, you cannot counter what you have not read and when you read, you learn, you become exposed to truth, and it will do either one of two things: (1) Draw you or (2) Expel you.  Without the one-on-one confrontation, and with the chance of personalities becoming a factor, and know this, I don’t write to counter his beliefs, but to share truth, where he believes he is sharing truth by encountering my beliefs!  So, the message is being carried, he is learning, and at some time, soon, I believe, he will have to make a decision when he sees the prophecy taking place regarding Sun(day) worship and the Sabbath.  Between the “Law of God” and the “traditions of what he believes are from the Apostles”.  It is easy to copy/paste Scripture and then explain it in the manner so taught in their assemblies, but when you have the Holy Spirit as your Guide, you cannot help but enter into “all” truth, and not the truth mixed with lies the enemy is so capable of doing and excels.

Just as the enemy is shrewd in his way of capturing us, we must not resort to this tactics, but we must be wise in how we present truth to others, even becoming unconventional, if necessary.  So, as long as I continue to write as I’m being lead, the Spirit continues to lead him to what is being written, and as he writes to counter, he will be led to see the difference and conviction will eventually take place.  I have to believe it will be “conviction” because the alternative is not what we want at all.  I look forward to spending time with my brother in Heaven, and if this is the way to bring it about, then I’ll keep giving him material to (en)counter.


February 15, 2016