Too many times, what I have found in my past, I had been attempting to do the Holy Spirit’s job instead of Bro. Roy’s job and met with miserable and frustrating results.  I think when we study the Bible more deeply, and I mean Christ and others, we will learn how to be an effective witness.  There are so many groups on Facebook which are in existence today fueled by debates, discussions, arguments and name-calling.  THIS IS NOT EFFECTIVE WITNESSING.  Having been a “debater” even before I was in double digits of age, and having learned to speak, I could be found “debating”.  Obviously, I had little knowledge and understanding but I did have a big mouth.  Now, the reverse ought to be true:  having a large amount of knowledge and understanding but a small mouth and let me demonstrate how it works.

I was approached by a Jehovah’s Witness and asked to explain a particular doctrine.  I did.  When I finished, he began to explain his view and I stopped him.  He then quizzically looked at me and said, “I wanted to give you my view.”  I simply replied, “You asked me to share with you my view on this particular subject.  I did.  However, I did not ask you to share, with me, your particular view.”  He looked stunned and surprised and acquiesce, “You’re absolutely correct.”  And I walked way.  I think I saved myself a whole lot of time in meaningless back-and-forth and opened the door for the Holy Spirit to do what He does.  This is also called, “planting the seed”.

I’ve come to understand most people have a clear view of what Adventism teaches on any particular subject, especially the one they wish to discuss with you.  They’re looking for an argument for whatever reason they might have.  I will not be their fuel nor will I be their victim.  The mere fact they already understand my belief is enough for me to let them alone because their issue is not with me, unless I allow it, but with God and I need to get out of the way.  I get so many people sending me questions, “Bro. Roy how would you respond to a particular verse or question?  Someone asked me this…”  I most likely respond, “Do you understand the verse and have you shared the Truth?” If they have replied in the affirmative then I make it clear, “You’ve done your job.  Leave it alone.”

To be an “effective witness” is really learning how to “leave it alone”.  It learning how to “witness” about what no one can argue with, “your faith and how it changed your life.”  You, for a fact, know it is the Truth, so this is what you share.  Why does it require a debate or discussion to refute what you know personally?  It should never get that far.  Jesus and the prophets shared Truth.  I don’t see anywhere where there was a debate.  Even as loquacious as Paul was, often going into the middle of the night, he didn’t debate, but commanded a hearing and held their interests because he shared what he knew and experienced in his own life because of Christ.

When you share what God has done for you, there cannot be any reasonable objection from anyone.  How could there be unless you’re speaking to someone who really is not interested in learning the truth and this is the person you need to stop them in their tracks because they’re trying to take you on a journey you have no business traveling.  I have loved ones in my family who know the Truth but have opted to separate themselves from it.  There’s no “discussion” about what they already know.  It’s not my job nor intention to re-teach them, re-convert them, re-anything them.  They already know.  I’ve come to accept, too, there are many friends and family who will not be saved.  Yes, I am sad over the matter, but this is the reality.  I take comfort in this thought, “Jesus wants them saved much more than I and if He and the Holy Spirit can’t get through, what do I think I can possibly do?”

Once you plant a seed you have to let it go.  If you are constantly overturning the soil thinking you’re doing something good, you’re not.  Leave it.  God now has the opportunity to do what He does best in order to bring about the result of fruit.


March 7, 2015


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