Don’t get too comfortable!  It is almost that time to put on our running shoes and head for the woods.  Those of us who have lived outside the law know what it is to flee.  Perhaps there have been others of you who have been in relationships and had to flee because of physical abuse or the threat of it.  We are now in the midst of great upheaval where we are eye-witnesses of whole families fleeing their homes, their country due to unrest and the inability to feel secure where once they enjoyed living and until you are placed in situations, either real or imaginary, and have no idea of what it means to “flee”, you will not have any idea of what it means or the impact it has on a person.

The Bible is filled with people having to flee from persecution.  We are not too far from the time when we, ourselves, will have to flee and the question you need to ask yourselves, “Can you do it?”  Will you be able to leave everything you count as precious making your way to safety?  Can you leave that husband or wife, that child or grandchild, that job, home and baubles you consider your life.  And for those of us caught up in the web of the Internet, with our gadgets, will you be able to put them down because of GPS locators and get away, get away from everything, in order to find peace, safety and security?  Will you?

Some of you cannot even trust your supermarket to have the item you most want, so how will you relate when there are no aisles to go up and down, instead there are crevices of rock, the thickness of woods.  For the most part, I would imagine there might be only one or two of you on my friend’s list who know what it is to run, duck and hide, to commit “felony eluding” because the ones chasing you carry weapons for their own protection and not yours and the time in which I’m speaking will have license to kill you upon sight.  We’re seeing this, too, in the United States.

So, can you do it?  We’re told, by history, none of those who left in 68 AD from Jerusalem suffered persecution or death, but their leaving was not one of comfort.  If you had to open your door and walk away—now, where would you go?  We’re told angels lead Job and his family and no doubt will lead you, and Job did not want to go where he was being lead, so, will you?  This is very real, my friends.  I guess it makes me thankful I live in a place where there are fruit trees everywhere.  Will never get cold and uncomfortable in that regard, but fleeing is never a desirable state, especially when there are those who are looking specifically for you.  Mrs. Job and family were given only one instruction:  “Don’t look back.”

Fleeing is never successful, as she discovered, when you look back.


December 29, 2015

Fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah