One of the joys, sometimes challenges, I have, is speaking with young people and listening to their comments especially when it comes to questioning me.  I was currently speaking to a young man regarding a previous post who commented regarding my statement about age in terms of the Message.  He stated, “It’s not about who first heard the message or who are advanced in whatever; our standing before God is determined by how we respond to His Love.” Now, all things being equal, this would be so; however, there is a BIG difference when it comes to “experience”.

There is a woman, someone who’s practically known me from my birth, today she is 98 years old.  Now, this woman can begin to tell me things, today, which I might think is important, might think is relative, might even think I know and she just by virtue of her years could tell me, “Son, you don’t know anything!” and I’d have to wonder, listen and learn.  Well, considering her years, there is no way I could compare what I have gotten to what she has experienced!  This is why it is most important to listen to those who come before us.  What she has gotten all of these years is a “settling” into the Truth, or the Message, we Adventist so affectionately call our faith.  Years upon years upon years has produced something I can only look forward to; now how about looking back?

If I look back I will see this young man who is probably all of about 20.  What this dear old(er) friend has on me I have on this young(er) man.  I’ve seen things, experienced things he cannot possibly understand and have gotten into a “settling” of this Message.  His walk is just beginning!  There is no way he can have what I have because there is something to be said about maturation.  A part of the experience, this journey we’re on involves, “maturity” and this can ONLY come about by this day followed by the next day, until they’ve equaled the days of my dear friend.  So, as she calls me, “son”, I am able to look at this young man and affectionately call him, “son”, too, because it is my duty to give to him what has been given me.  I have a duty to listen to Mother Harris, while this young man has, or should, a duty to listen to me.

Son, your time will come and faster than you might even think, but it is not today!

Enjoy this walk you’re on but mostly spend it now in listening, well, to those older!  We just might have a point in all this from which you could benefit.


November 17, 2014


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