There are some times when I encounter youth and even young adults who will put forth this claim:  “Just because you are old(er), (I supplied the parenthesized part for my own feelings!) doesn’t mean you know.  Old(er) people can be wrong, too!”  And while this statement is certainly true, however, there has to be said something for those old(er) and it is found in experience, something a young(er) person is still acquiring.

As I search my mind I cannot remember one time when I’ve challenged my grandfather or his peer group.  A deacon, Sabbath School teacher, and definitely a good “role model”, there was never a need to “doubt” or “question” him.  I trusted him.  I also believed whatever that man told me came from this deep well of experience and given to me for my benefit.  I had to also come to a personal understanding if there was something I didn’t agree, didn’t make him wrong and me right.  It only meant, I didn’t, couldn’t understand it presently, but never did I want to place myself in a state where I “wouldn’t”.  That’s a dangerous place to be.

Now Gramps is gone and interestingly enough, I find myself in the role he’s left and I’d like to think in capable hands.  What is even more interesting is all the years of his experience being passed down to me, added with my own, makes for one powerful testimony, a powerful educational experience for that young person who will listen today because tomorrow it will be your turn, just not today!  I’m still here and I’m in my right mind.  Be patient, your time will come.

With having Facebook I have been re-joined with the kids who attended Sabbath School and church.  Do you remember those days at Glenville, sitting up under our parents/grandparents and those other members?  Do you remember what you heard and seen which went into making up who we are today?  Many of those persons are gone now and whether or not we are physically filling those same pews, we have replaced those stalwarts of truth and it is “our” turn to stand, to be pillars, to “command” respect not because we say so, but because it is “our” turn to be the fortitude we saw in those before us.  We have arrived!  And if we do not do it, who will?  Who will take charge in a world where there is more lawlessness among those around us than in our time?  We were told times would get worse, well, it has, but we need to be better, stronger, more determined to hold the line.  Experience.

So young(er) person, when you hear Bro. Roy, well, in this case, read something which you do not agree or understand, have patience with your(self), not with me.  You will come to this point of understanding if you are given the privilege to live, and I’ll share something, too:  One of the reasons I am alive today is because I learned NOT to question Gramps, both because he would have killed me but because he had my best interest in mind.

I have yours, too.


September 23, 2014


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