We are familiar with the story of the young man who approached Christ to ask how he might be assured of being saved into the Kingdom and Christ responded,

“…but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” Matt 19:17 (KJV)

Oh, but wait!  Is Christ telling this young man a fact, which he must do, “before” the death of Christ on the cross or “after” the resurrection of Christ?  In other words, would Christ give this young man advice depended upon what Christ would knowingly do some time soon in the future?  So, would it be more accurate for Christ to tell the young man,

“Listen, if you want to be saved, keep the Commandments, but you can wait until after I die and then the Commandments are no longer valid and need to be kept!”

Sounds a bit foolish, doesn’t it?  It would appear there is something different before Christ died and after He arose, regarding the Ten Commandments.  It is as if we were shopping and the customer service representative would tell us how to proceed in properly using a gadget without informing us beginning the following week, the procedure will be different!  That would not be proper service, nor would Christ be involved in providing advice which would only be valid for a certain period of time.

Then why is it, most nominal (Sunday-worshiping) Christians would have you believe the foolishness of what I just mentioned.  They would have you believe you no longer needed to keep the Commandments of God, just live under, “Grace”, and you don’t have to observe the Seventh Day Sabbath!  One brother asked me this morning, “Don’t you believe you have the righteousness of Christ?”  Duh, yeah, but that doesn’t do away with my obligation and commitment to continue doing what He wants me to do!  This does not mean the Ten Commandments are void and useless because I accepted Christ as my personal savior.

My friends, the ONLY thing which changed before and after the cross was what we did “before” the cross which exemplified what would take place “after” the cross.  It meant I, Bro. Roy, no longer needed to slaughter the animal which represented Christ, and personally, between you and I, I am glad.  I think I would have great trouble in taking a lamb’s life.  However, the penalty for sin has now been fully paid AS LONG AS I CONTINUE KEEPING THE LAW, the TEN COMMANDMENTS. 

Listen to this, Jesus said,

“But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day…” Matt 24:20 (KJV)

Jesus was warning the inhabitants of Jerusalem about an event which would take place some 40 years AFTER He ascended back to heaven.  If the Sabbath were no longer valid, then why would He have mentioned it?



May 22, 2015


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