It’s a name more specifically to the denomination in which I belong, but the truth of the matter is, if you are a believer of the second return of Christ, you’re an, “Adventist!”

A friend last week asked the question regarding when Jesus spoke in Matt. 24:20, “But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:”  She wanted clarification about what He meant when He said this.  I helped her to understand He was giving indicators for when the time would be close in two cases:  1.  The destruction of Jerusalem some 40 years later, and, 2.  His imminent return.  We can never know the exact day but we can know when we’re getting close.

If one would closely examine what Christ said, He gave an important truth.  He mentioned when the “Time of Trouble” would come, hope it wouldn’t take place in the winter, for obvious reasons, nor on the Sabbath day.  If the Sabbath was going to end at the cross, wouldn’t Christ know it and why would He mention the seventh day Sabbath some not only 40 years later but also in our time IF there were to be NO Sabbath day observance since the verse has a duo application?

Friends, regardless of the fact, if you’re already an “Adventist”, rather, a “first” day Adventist, what’s the problem with becoming a “Seventh” day Adventist?  Even for those of you who are “no day” Adventist!  There’s something special regarding the Seventh (Saturday) day Sabbath and more energy should be spent in knowing and understanding what Jesus meant when He said what He said.  He never wasted words nor misled people regarding Truth.

Why are you allowing yourselves to be misled regarding it?


August 10, 2014


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