Yesterday, I was sent an email concerning hymns contained in our hymnal and how they’re influenced, and continue to be influence, by the subtle, insidious form of Catholicism.  I haven’t checked today the response, but the last time I looked was very dismal.  But, this doesn’t surprise me especially when I know the condition of the Laodicean church.  Would you like further proof?  Let’s talk about the holiday which will occur in a few weeks.

Now, many of us won’t set foot in a church on Sunday and can rightly defend the Sabbath yet we’re confounded and may I say it, “sucked up” into the pagan tradition of man regarding “Christmas”!  It causes me alarm when I read posts, of Adventists, discussing their “trees” and other such nonsense, yet you stand upon firm ground when it comes to the delusion of Sunday worship.  Don’t you realize it all comes from the same source?  Oh sure, you will quote Sis. White’s “early” defense of the day; but hadn’t you realized what she was doing?  Consider the time and what their struggle was just having come out of “Babylon”.  It was enough dealing with the “Great Disappointment Day” and then the Sabbath Truth and later the Health Reform Message, those truths being involved every day of our lives as opposed to one day out of the calendar. She was unlike Moses when Christ was asked the question regarding divorce,

“He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so.” Matt 19:8 (KJV)

Was there any celebration of Christ’s birth, in the Holy Record, “after” His birth?  Is there any record established in history, whether secular or religious, which is not infiltrated with paganism not unlike Sunday observance?  Yet, we will defend our position to do so as those whose feet grace the chapels, cathedrals and churches’ threshold on Sunday!  So, no wonder there are dismal responses to when it comes to dealing with what the enemy is doing to our church through music.  I wrote a post about a week ago regarding how so-called “gospel” music is infiltrating our church.  It never occurred, to me, how “so-called hymns” is another way we’re being indoctrinated away from the true faith of God’s Remnant Church.

One can only be attacked, and defeated, when one doesn’t know the Word of God.  Didn’t Christ use it in order to defeat Satan?  We’ve become a poor excuse regarding this.  Let’s ask the question:  We’re nearing the end of the year, how many of you have taken the time to have read the Bible completely, as you would have read any other book, this year?  Okay, let’s open it wider.  How many of you have even read the Bible at least once in your whole life, and I mean, from cover-to-cover?  If your answer is “no”, and sadly overwhelmingly this will be the case, then how could you possibly know what it says and use it to defeat Satan when he comes to attack you with his lies mixed with truth? You hear the lies and are able to detect it but it’s those “truths” part you’re not able to discern because you feel comfortable hearing it, not realizing the lies he uses to establish it!  How many of us are just as guilty as Eve when it comes to biting the fruit?  To be truthful, I’d rather be an Eve than an Adam.  At least she was tricked but he chose, a much better defense but nonetheless the end result is the same:  death.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church is God’s Remnant Church for these last days.  You don’t hear any other Protestant church being attacked as we are.  There’s a reason for this.  Satan’s already got them and his focus is on us and yet we are slowly being convinced there is nothing wrong with observing Christmas, with singing hymns contaminated with Catholicism’s influence and wording, with our worship service having copied nominal churches worship because it’s more “lively” and “spirit-filled”.  Yes, it is true, it is “spirit” filled but not the “spirit” you think it is and we’ll justify this all in the name of “culture”.  It was your culture in the sixties, too, while sitting on those pews, so what’s changed? Little by little we’re being drawn to our eternal destruction, like the frog sitting in a once comfortable pot of water, slowly heated lulling him to sleep not realizing his death is imminent when it begins to boils.  Too late.  And we only have one shot at this.  And we’re living this “shot” right now.

I implore you to “remember your first love” and get some of that eyesalve to help you to see clearly.  This is the time when we need to be “hot” because being “cold” or “lukewarm” will not cut it.


December 4, 2014


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