There seem, of late, those who are not Sabbath-keepers, to justify their not keeping the Sabbath, despite Mark states quite emphatically that the Sabbath was made for man, “And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: 28 Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.” Mark 2:27-28 (KJV).  Did Mark say the Sabbath was made for the Jews or man?  It would also seem ludicrous, in my thinking, God would keep the first Sabbath and have “perfectly” made a man and his wife, but then wait 2,600 years before the first Jew would come along!  C’mon friends, let’s use a bit of sense. By the way, Mark wrote this long after Christ was here, died and then went back to heaven.  Therefore, if the Sabbath was no longer valid, why would he state it was?

Now, a friend made an excellent statement on one of my posts I’d like to share with you.  She stated, it would be obvious God would have taught Adam and Eve regarding the first Sabbath, on this Earth, because they did not have earthly parents, nor family, nor anybody else on the planet–yet, so the other Commandments would not have come into play, but definitely the first four with man’s responsibility to God!  I thought this was so profound even a “Sunday” worshiper could understand.  But, alas, I guess not since they’re so steeped in their false belief, however, we keep trying to show them truth.

In the video I posted yesterday, which I hope you would take the time to watch because it’s still on my current timeline, it demonstrates how when God spoke to Adam about the “Tree of Knowledge”, the Ten Commandments were already included within this command.  First of all, the Bible states the Law of God was written within their hearts.  They would know fully well what God required of man.  So, when they disobeyed God, the broke quite a few of those Ten Commandments.  In fact, they were cast out of the Garden because of sin.  There is no sin if there is no Law.  I mean, it’s that simple.  EVERY law given to man can be traced back to one of the Ten Commandments, which serves as an index.  You know what an index is?  It’s how you can find things within a book of reference.  There is NO sin which cannot be shown to be included within the Ten Commandments.  Just try to see if you can come up with one and I’ll tell you which law it breaks.

Now, if Mark was stating IS true, and we have to believe it is and not his opinion about Christ being the “Lord of the Sabbath”, then it stands to reason for anyone claiming any other day as being the “Lord’s Day” would be breaking a Commandment by “bearing false witness against God!”  You are saying God/Christ is the Lord of a day in which He never claims to be His own!  He claims the Sabbath (Saturday) and there is no Scripture which claims Him being the Lord of any other day and specifically Sunday, the first day of the week.  Not one shred of evidence.  He gave man six days for ourselves but kept the Sabbath for Himself.  This is something not to be twisted because your soul salvation depend upon knowing this truth and then following.

Later, because God’s Law was not be observed properly, God then wrote the Law on tables of stone and gave it to the ONLY people, on Earth, which were called His own, regardless of whomever else was around, THEY got it to demonstrate to the world what it takes to be considered God’s people.  And, they were welcomed to join in IF they were willing to keep those Laws.  Of course, they got it wrong, too.  Now, God is writing those Laws within our hearts–again, and it those who believe and keep those Laws will be saved.  There is no getting around it.  Break them and die.  Keep them and live.  When I or any other believer in the Ten Commandments fail to keep one, Christ’s Blood covers our fault and it is God’s Grace which steps in and makes it right.  You cannot receive “Grace” if you do not believe in the “Ten Commandments”.  They work hand in hand, not exclusive of one another.  Sadly, too many of you think you are under “Grace” when you’re not under anything other than being deluded.  GRACE DEPENDS UPON THE WORKING OF THE LAW, NOT THE DESTRUCTION OF IT!

We don’t have much time left.  Get it right before it is too late.


November 30, 2014


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